Kurdish Designer, Inci Hakbilen (Interview)

You have seen Kurdish Designer, Inci Hakbilen in the House of iKons Fashion Show, London. The choice of fabrics plays a special role in Inci Hakbilen collections. The processing of traditional fabrics and patterns, mostly from the oriental region, in a modern design, creates an unmistakable style that our customers have valued for years. She combines Kurdish fabrics and symbols into modern street wear and evening dresses. From Bridal wear, Kurdish traditional clothing, evening wear and streetwear Inci Hakbilen is an international favorite. 

You recently showcased your designs at the London Fashion Week, House of iKons show. Tell us about it.

Thankfulness. That is what I felt instantly as I saw the video. I am so thankful that you can see the different stages of how I work and how much passion I put into all of it. It is so weird to see myself there after doing my own fashion show for years with different themes, trying to prove myself out there in the world and show people how beautiful Kurdish designs can be. I am so thankful and proud that I can be part of the House of iKons Fashion Week London to show everyone how versatile Kurdish fashion can be. This feels like a dream and an emotional roller coaster ride.

Your fashion is for everyday wear and special occasions. Why do people love your fashions? 

I guess the reason why people like it so much is because I work very close with my customers and I do everything by myself. I can help them in many areas, to fulfill all their wishes so their dream dress suits them perfectly. I do not only make wedding gowns and evening gowns, but also streetwear, which is all unique. I put a lot of work and effort into all of my pieces, there is a lot of passion behind all of this. Another thing my customers appreciate is that I try to upcycle a lot of waste material.

What is your favorite design? 

My favorite design is probably Ethno Streetwear – it shows all the different designs and colors of my ethnicity. Next to that, I like evening gowns with unique lace fabrics, pearls, and sequins. I love to materialize the dreams of every bride. it’s just a really wonderful feeling seeing their teary-eyed smiles.

What do you want people to know as a Kurdish Designer? 

My goal for the past 10 years was to bring people closer to Mesopotamias culture, colors, and patterns.Many people don’t know that a lot of nations lived there, not only Krdish people. Every color, every pattern has its own meaning. It is a cultural mosaic and shouldn’t fade into obscurity. So this is what I want to tell fellow designers, especially the Kurdish ones: You should never give up! You should keep on fighting because we all will find our place in the fashion world even if we’re an ethnic minority.

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By Celebrity Writer, Jules Lavallee 

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