Blogger Spotlight: Selena

Hi! My name is Selena (@selenium_34_) and I am a premed working toward my dream of becoming a radiologist!

I am a business minor with a passion for photography and ocean conservation, and I was able to use these interests to start my own photography marketing business @alltheoceanblues that donates a portion of its proceeds to my favorite ocean conservation charity.

My number one tip for premeds is to highlight your passions, even if they do not relate directly to the medical field. Med schools are looking for interesting, passionate, driven people who have other interests in addition to medicine!!

Check out her health blog!


“I’m Selena – a food enthusiast and healthy lifestyle blogger. My father was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes, and I decided to start this blog to educate others about both the consequences of an unhealthy diet and provide easy and affordable tips to stay healthy. This is how I discovered my joy for cooking delicious, organic, all-natural meals that you can actually afford! I hope to share these amazing recipes with other food lovers, just like me!

As a pre-medical student, promoting health and wellness is a passion of mine. That is why I created an Instagram account called @lets.avocado.this to provide a Healthy Tip of the Day for my followers. 

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