Podcast » Meet Danielle

Welcome to Mom Accountant Talk – Finances & Life, where amazing things happen.

I am a busy mom, entrepreneur and passionate accountant. I have created this channel as an outlet for all things business and finance.

I am the owner of several businesses:

Danielle’s SOS Accounting, Danailya’s Bedroom, Danailya’s School of Modeling, and Portraits by Danailya.

I am a mother of two beautiful girls aged four and ten who are full of passion, personality and A+ attitudes.

I masquerade like I have my life perfectly balanced and under control but inside I am an anxious, vulnerable, self conscious and totally floundering woman like everyone you. I constantly find my nose buried in self-help books, my ears jammed full of audio-books and my belly full of food having as many meetings as I can with people I feel can escalate my business and life in hopes of elevating myself.

I started this channel to talk about being a mom; struggling to balance work and parenting and to chat about business. I love my job, I am proud to have built an accounting firm from the ground up in the last eight years. I have the pleasure of teaching people about positive money health and taxes. Being in a position to meet thousands of business owners a year I have decided to put some of my knowledge and experience together for one more educational platform.

I have had the pleasure of building a body positive Lingerie & Swimsuit brand that hopes to teach women to fall in love with themselves again. When I am not crunching numbers or filing taxes I am behind the lens of this baby!

I have a brain that works 50/50 Analytical & Creative. So I look for ways to appease both sides so I can keep the inner storm at bay. Raising two little girls I am a very strong advocate for healthy mind and body health for girls of all ages.

I am far from perfect and I don’t know you personally, but I hope to be able to share some thoughts with you that will make your heart full and give you the drive you need to keep fighting the good fight!

Remember: “You will always attract what you believe you’re worth.”