Welcome to Mom Accountant Talk Podcast.

“Mom Accountant Talk” – A Finances & Life Podcast

Welcome to Mom Accountant Talk – A podcast about Finances & Life, where amazing things happen.

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Season 1 Episode:

  1. “Commonly Missed Tax Deductions” 
  2. “Incorporating & GST 101”
  3. “Am I Ready To File My Personal Taxes – 2018”
  4. We’re officially a Podcast!
  5. “Bookkeeping 101” 
  6. “My name is Danielle and I’m A Recovering Workaholic”  
  7. “I am Self Employed and I need to protect myself – What are my options?”
  8. “How do I pay myself?”
  9. “5 Time Management Tips for Stay At Home Moms”
  10. “Had a baby? Here’s 5 ways to make your taxes easier!”
  11. “Mental Health & Small Business Owners”
  12. “Looking for business ideas? Use your own experiences”
  13. “Tax Slips for Single Parents”
  14. “What motor Vehicle Expenses Can I Claim?
  15. “I am not a Pinterest Mom – Part 1”
  16. “10 Tips To Empower Female Entrepreneurs”
  17. “Why Do I Need A Clearance Certificate?”
  18. “10 Tips For Women In Business To Achieve Their Goals”
  19. “Re-ignite the flame of passion with your own business again”
  20. “Let’s Talk About The Disability Tax Credit”
  21. “What Home Expenses Can I Claim?”
  22. “Does My Business Need A GST Number?”
  23. “Year End Prep 101”
  24. “Personal Growth Is Important No Matter How Old You Are”
  25. “My Favorite Self Improvement Skills To Learn”

Season 2 Episode:

  1. “How To Stay Calm When You Are Extremely Stressed”
  2. “Why You Need To Create Better Boundaries To Gain More Control Of Your Life”
  3. “Budget Marketing & Cash Flow Strategies” – With Guests: Mitch Cammidge Coaching & SOS Marketing Solutions
  4. “Smart MAMA Budgeting Tips”
  5. “Personal Financial Planning 101”
  6. “Recovering From Burnout”
  7. “Are You Frugal Or Cheap?”
  8. “Five #METOO Challenges and How To Fight Them”
  9. “Interview: Renata Rae – The KNOW Book Edmonton Ambassador” – Click Here For More:  KNOW Book & Tribe
  10. “6 Easy Budgeting Tips”
  11. “How Do I Increase My Net Worth?”
  12. “Change Your Relationship With Money Today”
  13. “We Are Living In A Generation Where People Confuse Fame With Self Esteem!”
  14. “Speaking Up For Yourself”
  15. “Tax Tips: 7 Things To Know About Childcare Expenses” 
  16. “5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Be Grateful For”
  17. “Partners For Business”
  18. “Learn To Take a Breath For Your Business”
  19. “Keeping Your Cool – Managing Your Reactions To Stress”
  20. “What SOS Solutions Do You Need?”  – With Guests: Mitch Cammidge Coaching & SOS Marketing Solutions
  21. “The Dollars & Cents Of Financial Stress” 
  22. The Nasty Ten: 10 Ways To Disrupt Your Success!
  23. 10 Sure-Fire Steps to take the Fear out of Public Speaking
  24. Time To Get Accountable – No More Backing Out On Your Goals
  25. Stick To Your Goals For Life – Make It A Habit!

Season 3 Episode:

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