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Danielle Reese

Founder & CEO

Mommy of 2 princesses, 100% Serial Entrepreneur, Accountant, photographer, coffee addict💕

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Zibby Owens

Writer – Contributor


Podcast: Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books
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Tracy Rainey

Writer – Contributor

My name is Tracy Rainey. I was born and raised in Belzoni, Mississippi. I am a Certified Hemodialysis Tech by day, blogger by night. I am married with 2 biological children and I have full custody of my niece. My favorite hobbies are cooking and glass painting.

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Samantha Rivera 

Writer – Contributor

Just a girl with a dream”

Hey girl! Hey!

Welcome to my life and to my blog! Where you will be exposed to the different areas of my personal life and things I feel like you will benefit from. Have we met? If I haven’t yet introduced myself already my name is Samantha Rivera. (Hint: I’m the girl with the dream). I’m sure that perhaps you will like to know my reasons as to why I started a blog. Well… writing is my passion. It’s what live for and it’s what keeps me going when I am happy and also when I’m not having such a good day. I feel like sometimes in life you try to be heard but you don’t know how to necessarily say it so why not write it and let all of my supporters take a look at what goes on in my life through my words? Since the age of ten years old I have always had a dream to change the world. I didn’t know necessarily how I would do it but I knew I would change the world one day. This is my first step to changing the world one word at a time. I had wanted to begin my passion by blogging a very long time ago very urged up the courage to do so. So I told myself, “If I don’t do it now I will continue to make excuses as to why I shouldn’t now”. So I did and here we are today. I realized around a year ago that I no longer wanted to work a 9 to 5 dreading waking up every single day doing the same thing over and Over and OVER again. So I decided to make my dream of blogging my life come to live.

Come join my crazy life and join this adventure to see where it takes me! Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope you continue to watch where this journey takes me. until next time!

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Writer – Contributor

I’m Julianne. In 2018, I left corporate life to indulge color, curiosity, and hope. J Harris Art was born to create custom fine art for homes and families around the country.

As evidenced by my variety of work, I am constantly exploring new styles, subjects and mediums (with my ever-present Vizsla sidekick, Copper Penny). Maybe one day I’ll settle on a unique voice or medium. Until then, I enjoy the “nature” motif that prevails. I am often commissioned to paint pet portraits and still life compositions. When given the choice, though, I always seek compositions that are wild, raw and free. 

If nothing else, my work is a testament to the latent talent that lives within us all, and the fulfillment that comes from exploring even the most flippant curiosities. Stay curious, my friends! Wishing you a journey that is just as colorful and full of intrigue as painting is for me. 

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Nicky Peddle

Writer – Contributor

Nicky Peddle is a mom of two, award-winning Singer-Songwriter turned entrepreneur from Edmonton, Alberta. She recently launched her own business “Stellar Logic Virtual Solutions” specializing in Social Media Management and Creative Content for female boss babes. Catch her outside at least twice a day getting her daily workout in chasing her kiddos or sipping on a glass of wine when she’s not working on her music and business. 

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Brittnee (Powelske) Fehr

Writer – Contributor

Brittnee (Powelske) Fehr is a lover of tropical plants, deep meditative states and prefers to spend her free time surrounded by nature. At the young age of seven, inspired by her fathers ability to story tell from the heart, a spark ignited within Brittnee as she began her passion for writing. Throughout her life, Brittnee immersed herself in the arts; dancing tap, jazz and ballet for thirteen years, making crafts, creating jewelry and never turning down the opportunity to take an art or painting class.

As a studious and hard-working student, Brittnee had her heart set on attending the University of Alberta in order to attain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, which she completed in 2010. At age thirty three, Brittnee is currently a proud stay at home mom to her three year old son. She continues to share her love of writing through her social media pages.

In 2017, after experiencing significant and life-changing health challenges, including losing her ability to walk, Brittnee was shown her true life path and potential. Since then, she has embarked on the greatest and most rewarding journey of her life, learning how to heal her body and mind through the power of her own intuition and guidance. She was not born with any supernormal faculties, but has developed her intuition and expertise through years of patient daily study and practice.

Brittnee dedicates her life to helping people take command of their lives in powerful and positive ways. Having walked the path herself, her hope is to effectively guide others along their path to success, freedom and ultimate happiness. Brittnee is the creator and author of, “You Are Powerful Movement” which is expected to be released this year. 

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Evelyn Gallagher

Writer – Contributor

I’ve been surrounded by creative entrepreneurs my entire life. My mother was a music photographer, and my step-father was a theater producer, so I was constantly surrounded by people who were committed to carving out their own life paths.

In my professional years I’ve worked in marketing for a variety of industries – film, commercials, television, real estate, food and beverage, theater, radio, and even farming. Between holding positions as a Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Director, Production Coordinator, an Email Specialist and a Digital Operations Manager I never found a “job” that encompassed everything I wanted to do on a daily basis. It was during my last job as a Digital Operations Manager that I found my business starting to flourish, growing from two monthly clients to five. I was working 80 – 90-hour weeks and running myself into the ground trying to surpass expectations at my full-time job and for all of my clients.

That’s when I realized, despite working that much and being completely burnt out, that I loved what I was spending my nights and weekends doing. It brought me a sense of fulfillment I had not previously found. 

Everyone knows the axiom, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Sure, that sounds AMAZING, but if you own your own business, there are days where you feel like there is an ENDLESS pile of work because your business is a never-ending work of art. If you can laugh, dance, celebrate, embrace the messy, stay motivated and stay passionate through the ups and the downs that means you’re truly doing something you love. That is what I’m committed to doing and helping my clients do every day.

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Michelle Chu

Writer – Contributor

Michelle Chu is first and foremost Dog Mom to her pit bull mix Kono, and Founder & CEO of Kono’s Kitchen. She started Kono’s Kitchen to give back to the rescue community (10% of all profits go to the medical costs of a featured rescue dog each month) and empower dog parents to change the way they feed their dogs.

Michelle is the Founder & CEO of Kono’s Kitchen, a brand of freeze-dried raw dog treats. She graduated with a degree in Psychology from UC San Diego. After college, Michelle moved to Beijing for five years and worked in various roles doing social media marketing, PR, and teaching English. After moving back to the States, she taught herself web development and worked her way up to a director-level role at a global digital marketing agency. When she adopted her dog Kono at the end of 2018, Michelle began immersing herself in the world of dog training and nutrition. Her journey as a dog mom led her to putting Kono on a raw diet, and she recognized that other dog parents were interested in doing the same but didn’t know where to start. She launched Kono’s Kitchen to make raw feeding easier for other dog parents, starting with freeze-dried raw, single-protein treats. Dog rescue is a hugely important cause to Michelle, and 10% of all profits are donated to the medical needs of a featured rescue dog each month.

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