Two Distinct Timelines-Could This Be Your Wake Up Call?

By: Brittnee Fehr

Stop for a moment and rest your racing mind. Slow your entire body down. Sit and take a rest, and simply, listen to the sound of your powerful breath. Now that you are settled and not distracted, ask yourself these very important questions. These very questions will assist you as you try to make sense of what is currently unfolding in our world and among humanity, individually and globally. It will also help you navigate the rocky waters ahead and allow you to feel confident knowing that you have practiced hard, personally knowing how to steer your own boat.

Where is my energy going throughout the day and to whom and what do I give my energy to? Do I engage with others who fill up my cup, or empty it? Do I engage in certain behaviors that drain my own energy quickly?

What type of mental chatter, beliefs, decisions and thoughts consume my mind?

When I step out into the world each day and as I interact with others, am I radiating out from my human core (and energy field), unconditional love, comfort, peace, positivity, support and encouragement? Or am I draining my own energy, as well as other peoples’ energy by being in their presence because I perpetuate fear and operate from a place of powerlessness?

Each and every one of us gives off a vibrational frequency or energetic mark. Some people energetically give off powerful, magnetic frequencies, while others have weaker and sometimes repellent energy fields. For example, have you ever entered into a public space where something just feels off and you cannot wait to get away from that specific place because you feel unsafe or uneasy? From a quantum standpoint, you are recognizing energetic connections between ourselves and other people, as we bump into others energy fields as we go about our day. Similar to bumper cars, some people are a lot more thrilling to smash into, while others, make us want to steer away quickly, in the opposite direction.

Have you ever wondered why you feel drawn and pulled towards certain individuals, while at a party for example? You can be in a crowded room of complete strangers and at times you may find yourself gravitating towards a particular individual. Yes, it is true that you may be attracted to their sense of style, contagious laughter or perhaps their gorgeous smile, but what really attracts humans to one another is their energetic resonance or energy signature. This magnetic appeal occurs when someone vibrates at a similar resonance as us.

Dependent upon how we treat our human vessel, providing it with the proper nutrition it requires on all levels (physical body, mind and soul), as well as, gravitating towards positive and engaging life experiences and surrounding ourselves with other uplifting people, we create an amazing environment for ourselves that encourages constant development and soul growth. However, on the contrary, if you find yourself engaging in lower vibrational behaviors with friends, such as fear, gossip, jealousy, hate, divide, most likely you are cynical and judgmental yourself. We tend to attract to us, exactly what we are. This includes our romantic partners and the people we choose to date; energetically we match those who leave similar energetic footprints on the world.

Furthermore, whether we realize it or not, the words and ideas that we choose to think about and speak on a daily basis, reflect our inner state, and simultaneously shape our external world as well. If you are constantly complaining about how miserable your life is and pointing fingers at others because they don’t share the same beliefs, values and world views as you, you are creating negative thought forms and ultimately, a negative living environment for yourself as well.

Thought forms such as hostility, gossip, jealousy, misery, anger are examples of a type of mindset that actually holds you at a lower vibrational state. Unhappy people typically energize these thoughts and eventually those very thoughts become their puppet, controlling their life. You can eat all of the highly nutritional “health” foods in the world, get the proper amount of sleep, exercise frequently and volunteer to give back to the community on a regular basis, but you will never create a higher vibrational reality for yourself if you are internally a miserable person and spreading hate to another human being.

Spreading hate to another can be as simple as shunning or gossiping about somebody who isn’t wearing a mask in the grocery store. Making fun of and actively sharing or commenting on information that is on social media that puts another person down, such as people who run for office during an election, as an example. This even includes belittling people you hate or consider to be your worst enemy.

When you wish ill will on another human, you are just revealing that you don’t actually like yourself, as every single person in this world is an aspect of who we are. Yes, we all have unique personalities and life experiences, however, we all come from the same source. Whatever your belief may be, we are all one. Each person that we cross paths with is a reflection of pieces or fragments of ourselves. Sometimes the pieces are parts of ourselves that we have overcome, learnt from and outgrown, and other peoples’ pieces reflected back to us, can be parts of our own soul that we have not yet discovered or experienced in this life time.

Most importantly, the more disconnected that you are from spirit, unity consciousness and from oneness (as you see others as being separate from you), this is inviting dis-ease within the body and mind and into your entire human experience. If you find yourself actively engaging and currently partaking in spreading hate about another person, who in the grand scheme of life is essentially you, you will continue to suffer and repeat painful cycles within your life over and over until one day you get your wake-up call.

Operating from a unity mindset is a much higher level of consciousness that is typically not an easy one to step into. It takes time, patience and an enormous conscious awareness, mental effort and emotional maturity on your part to hold space in your heart, and to willingly and openly give unconditional love and support to someone who seems to be the complete opposite of you. In fact, the very person who you despise because they are everything you hate, could very well represent the parts of your soul that you hide deep down and dislike about yourself.

The year 2020 is an incredibly important year, as thousands, if not millions of people will get their wake-up call. Enough is enough. Humanity has lost their way for so many years, it is now time for each and every one of us to take accountability and personal responsibility for the energetic resonance that we are contributing to this world and to the entire human experience. If you are still reading this, I applaud you, as this is a tough pill to swallow for many. Not many people realize how their own personal energy affects everything and everyone on earth.

Which timeline are you currently walking down, and who are you surrounding yourself with? Timeline A, is unity, love, compassion and peace and timeline B, is quite the opposite, as discussed above. It will become increasingly obvious to you, as you continue on this journey over the next year, who around you operates from a place of harmony and love, and those who are stuck in the same negative loops, re-living similar life lessons over and over, unable to free their souls, raise their consciousness and ultimately, rise above the illusion of chaos that is currently playing out. The beautiful thing about the quantum field in which we reside in, is everything is malleable, bending to our will. Our thoughts, words, actions, relationships and interactions work like magic shaping our current reality and the world around us. Now more than ever, is your time to recognize where you are at on an individual level, and to courageously begin to take those baby steps in order to contribute in a beneficial way to New Earth and a new and improved world for all.

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