An Abundance of Love

By: Brittnee Fehr

It is human nature to have the false belief that we are not worthy of receiving and feeling unconditional love. This stems from childhood, where many of us did not have our needs met by family members, therefore, we carry these memories and hurtful experiences within our subconscious mind and memory bank, as well as in the cells of our bodies, as inner child wounds.

Often as adults, our mind shuts down caring gestures and behaviors received from others, and we tend to block out love because we have learnt instead to grow a protective barrier around us, in order to prevent ourselves from getting hurt. However, my question for you today is, what is scary about letting love in? It does leave you feeling vulnerable and yes, it does threaten our survival it seems, however, love is the only thing on earth that connects us all and makes our lives meaningful.

Love is love is love is love. It doesn’t matter how you receive it, or from whom the high vibrational frequencies of love are sent your way, but no matter where you are on the earth plane, the Universe always has you covered. Meaning, that if you lack a certain type of love in a particular relationship in your life, you without a doubt will receive it in another form.

Let’s say that you have a turbulent relationship with a family member, such as a sister for example. Someone that you should share an equal energetic exchange (or give and take) of love with, but simply do not currently due to constant disagreements. That love, that you think that you are lacking in your life, because you believe that your relationship with your sister is far from comfortable or even fulfilling, is always sent to you in another way, shape or form.

Perhaps you have a child or grandchild who gives you endless hugs and kisses every time they see you, or you have a friend who showers you with patience, kindness, understanding, and has been a constant rock and support system for you. Whenever you reach out to them for help, you always feel their loving presence and you know that everything is going to be okay.

There is no such thing as lack, when it comes to love. You just have to learn to open your eyes to the abundance of love coming at you from all angles, that you have actually been receiving all along. A great majority of us have our blinders on, a protective shield around us, due to being hurt so many times by people in the past. We find ourselves chasing a certain special someone who we think the world of, hoping to feel that love in return, when really, we just simply need to open our eyes to the endless flow of love entering into our reality in this now moment.

Instead of ignoring or brushing aside that loving neighbor, who always smiles and waves to you each morning, because you are upset and so focused on the fact that you haven’t yet received that much anticipated text from the man you desire to date, focus your attention on those people who are emotionally available, and openly and willingly able to show you unconditional love.

Remember, that we all show love in many different ways. Ask yourself, am I blocking intimacy or love, if it does not look a certain way? Now more than ever, it is important to review the book, “The Five Love Languages”, in order to be aware of the multiple ways in which other people in our life show their affection.

In the end, we are all on this amazing journey together, so keep going and continue to grow. If you find that you are stuck in love, learn to look around you, you will find that in the quietest of places, somebody is trying to show you just how much you mean to them. Most of all, open yourself up to receiving love, and practice not holding back either. You absolutely deserve to fully receive love. Today, tomorrow and always, may you feel the ultimate gift of love within every cell of your body, and may you find the inner strength to learn to relax into a field of safety and acceptance for the rest of your human experience here on earth.

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