The Emergence of Your Best Kept Secret

By: Brittnee Fehr

Over the next six months to one year, many people will be experiencing the rapid opening and expansion of their pineal gland. Also called the third eye. For a large portion of the population, the pineal gland currently remains calcified and closed. However, as more and more people begin their ascension, the gland will become activated. 

The pineal gland in a lot of humans, isn’t currently functioning at its highest potential or intended design, as the majority of the population are not operating from a place of innate power. Most people are not yet connected to their higher self; therefore, they are not living their highest potential either. Thankfully, like everything in this reality, you have the personal power to change this!

Pineal gland activation brings a more significant connection to the natural world and a willingness to let go of ego pursuits, that keep us disconnected from our soul. With an open third eye, you experience the world with more compassion, empathy, clarity, intuition, power and decisiveness. A blocked or closed third eye, keeps us trapped in the same cycles, with a victim type of outlook on life, which leads to uncertainty, anxiety, indecisiveness, confusion, jealousy and pessimism. 

Other exciting possibilities that are connected to the activation of the pineal gland include, astral projection, the development of psychic gifts and abilities, lucid dreaming and, it also acts as a gateway to higher creativity.

For the most part, our third eye opens sporadically, when the conditions are appropriate for each individual soul. For example, an indivual undergoing a dark night of the soul, where they begin their ascension or spiritual awakening, can trigger the rapid opening of the third eye.

A drastic change in diet, exercise and lifestyle, which promotes healing of the physical body, aids in de-calcifying the pineal gland. Healing of the physical vessel releases toxins that have been stored within the body, where they can finally be released, once and for all. For example, when somebody cleans up their lifestyle and decides to stop consuming fluoride through their drinking water, fluoride toothpastes and also at the dentist.

Meditation, is another method that can help clear blockages and open your third eye. Developing a regular meditation practice that includes imagining the white, bright, universal healing light of source/God/The Universe coming down into your crown and shining directly into the center of your forehead. Focusing all of your internal energy and attention on your third eye region and then connecting the power of your personal energy to that of source, release neuropeptides and nitric oxide, which trigger the relaxation response in our bodies. These chemicals allow you to move into even deeper meditation, while at the same time stimulating the third eye region.

In fact, for those of you who are skeptical, researchers at the University of Taiwan, discovered that not only do the brains of frequent meditators have increased melatonin secretion, by using a functional MRI scan of indivuals meditating, they found that a meditative state does trigger pineal gland activation.

You will become well aware that your third eye is opening when you start to feel a slight pressure or tingling in the middle of your forehead (between the eyebrows), or a pulsating feeling, kind of like a mini heartbeat in that region. Other signs that your third eye is being activated are as follows:

-You can see the colors and the light of the day in a very different way. All the senses are changed. Colors can be seen clearer, more vivid and vibrant. You can smell strange smells. You can also feel or hear things that “should not really exist.”

-You may experience more headaches and headaches that are more intense.

-One of the most apparent signs of the third eye expansion is the foresight, or intuition, you begin to experience. You may feel like you can sense when something bad or exciting is going to happen and you also become a human lie detector when communicating with others.

-As you open your third eye, you may begin to see lights, color, or movement when your eyes are closed. Some people see flashes of imagery, cartoon characters, or a movie reel playing out in their mind, while they have their eyes closed. This may begin during your meditations, or when you’re focused within the feeling sensation of your third eye center.

Lastly, I will briefly touch on the role of brainwave technology aiding in the expansion of the pineal gland. As you may recall from your post-secondary science and psychology classes, our brains operate on a range of brainwave patterns. Each specific pattern creates a certain state of consciousness.

Beta Brain Waves- A person is alert and engaged in busy thinking or engaged in work.

Alpha Brain Waves- The subject is feeling relaxed, and is experiencing images and visuals. This includes day-dreaming and self-introspection.

Theta Brain Waves-What we experience between awake and sleep. This is a deep meditative state, where a person is able to experience altered states of reality and an influx or flow of creativity.

Delta Brain Waves-Are experienced during a very deep sleep or when we are unconscious.

Each level of brain waves emits different brainwave frequencies that are measured in Hertz. For example, Theta waves are measured as 4 to 8 hertz and Delta is 0.5-4 hertz.

There are thousands of brainwave entrainment and audio programs available to you on the internet, specifically, YouTube. Most of the programs, combine binaural beats and isochronic tones. The goal of these sound clips is to induce a particular state of consciousness by entraining the brain to the frequencies of the sounds. Changing our brainwave patterns, has a therapeutic effect.

Please remember when researching which brainwave program to use, that not all are created equal, so find a good source, with positive reviews. You most likely, will have to try out a couple of different companies before you can find the right combination of tones, sounds and meditations that will make you feel the most comfortable and relaxed. Personally, I have found that the most successful way to alter your consciousness, therefore, aiding in the opening of your pineal gland, is to combine binaural beats in conjunction with guided meditation.

Lastly, another way to help your third eye expand, is to wake up with the sunrise each morning, and allow the suns energy to reach your forehead. Sit completely relaxed in the sunshine each day and allow the sun’s healing rays to penetrate your skin, releasing hormones and essential minerals into your bloodstream, which aid in opening your third eye energy center.

The emergence of your best kept secret, the pineal gland, typically happens unexpectedly. As you have read above, there are many different ways to give your body that gentle nudge, to announce that you are feeling responsible and in a state of openness, readiness and complete surrender, in order to step up your earthly game, and to dive into other realms of consciousness. You will know when you are ready to move into your personal power. It is almost like a signal that you are emitting out into the Universe, kind of like, “hi there, I understand I am a powerful source of energy, I am more than ready to activate my gifts and power in order to transform my life and the lives of many others who cross paths with me. Please open me up to new worlds and endless opportunities.”

You will notice as your pineal gland activates and as your brain integrates the new information that you will receive, you will drastically begin to perceive your current reality a whole lot differently. You will also find that you are more aware and connected to your unconscious behavior, which helps you start to do “shadow work”, which also aids in your soul growth, ascension and transformation. With an open, healthy functioning pineal gland, you will not only wake up to exciting and new realities about your life, the Universe and existence, but you will view new worlds that weren’t available to you before, when the gland was sitting dormant.

Imagine for a moment, that we were presented with the opportunity to be educated on important and life-changing topics such as pineal gland activation from an early age, how different our life experiences would be. However, it’s never too late to step into this journey today, no matter what your age or state of knowledge may be. It is time for you to rise.

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