How To: Grow Your Wedding Business!

Wedding is just a part of every person’s life. Every single person looks forward to having an extravagant wedding. And for that purpose, they rely on professionals who can help them make the best of their day. This is how the event management business is becoming quite a popular startup for many people. 

Well, you can start up a business there is not much involved in that process. But the phase after that is the crucial part of your business. This is the part where you grow. Here we will take you throw how to grow your wedding business. By the end of this article you will know exactly what to do to give your wedding business startup a good lift. 

Let’s get right onto that. 

Growing your wedding business

There are some basic things you will need to do to get your business up and running. After you have done your startup it’s time for you to make it grow. Just like sowing a seed and making a plant out of it. You can follow the tactics we will be talking about. 

  1. Networking: No matter what kind of business you are doing networking is a very necessary element for that. And in the wedding planning business it’s a crucial part of your business. Because you are not providing a product on the market that people will just know about. You have to reach out to people with your portfolios to get the job done. For this purpose, you will need to have connections with people who might be related to other wedding program stuffs. Such as, wedding photographers, caterers, venue owners etc. So, whenever any one approaches these people they can recommend you or your company for the wedding management. This is how you can grow your business with proper networking skills. 
  2. Doing something different: In the wedding planning business you have the scope to be innovative with your ideas and setup. If you are creative enough than you can do a lot in the wedding planning zone. This gives you the opportunity to be different than other wedding planners. And with great ideas you can be ahead of the competition if you properly utilize it. When you do something,different people will be able to notice you and your work. Later on, you will get recognition for doing unique things with your wedding planning. This can become the key selling point of your business. Anyone who wants to have an out of the box will always opt for you rather than other typical wedding planners. This is the best strategy you can follow for the growth of your wedding business.
  3. Marketing and advertising: Well, this is just a basic business strategy for growth. Without marketing you can’t possibly reach out to your customers neither they can come to you. You will have to show your existence out there through marketing. And in modern days it has become quite easy thanks to all the technologies. You can reach out to millions of people with just a Facebook or Instagram video. But for that you will need to be thoughtful about your concepts and ideas. With the help of social media, you can promote you work and make people know about the quality you provide. You will surely get a lot of response in this way. In fact, most of the wedding business nowadays revolves around social media. As people spend most of their time on Facebook and Instagram, they are sure to come across your promotion as well. Besides that, you can go for social media ads with your pricing listed there too. This way your target audience will be able to know and compare you with other wedding businesses. 
  4. Photographs and videos: These are the things that impact wedding planning nowadays the most. Because people dream about their wedding when they see pictures and videos of weddings online. So, if you can try to put quality videos and pictures of your work out there you will surely get some clients out of that. These things impact the minds of the people so intensely. Also, these are the best ways to show your work in the public. For that purpose, you can actually hire or have a professional photography and cinematography team. With the best quality you will surely grow your business this way.  
  5. Business card: Even though most of the marketing and advertisement is done online you can still use some business cards. Because nothing speaks about professionalism more than business cards. It’s a way of expressing the seriousness of your business and also a slight introduction of your company. Besides you can’t always have your social media reach but you can have some business cards in your wallet.
  6. Client feedback and handling: No one can rate your work better than your clients. Always ask for feedback from your clients to evaluate your work. And obviously you have to deliver quality work to get good feed back. Try to improve after every wedding you complete. Apart from that you will need to have a person who is great at communicating with people. Someone who can handle the clients professionally and get you the deals. With client satisfaction you will be creating your own business network. These satisfied clients will get you work more than you get from all these advertisements. That’s how this business works. So, always try to satisfy your clients in every way possible. This is an important strategy you can follow for the growth of your business. 
  7. Reasonable prices: Pricing is a key factor in such businesses. As you are not providing any definite product you can’t really define the price. Also, you can’t convince your clients with your prices. This is why you will need to go for a reasonable pricing. Because surely people want to make their wedding day special but they don’t want to spend a fortune on a single day. Now you can give quality work with great pricing in various ways. For that you will need to explore a lot. You will need to find decorations of the same quality with the least price ranges. You will have to go through a lot of cost cutting to get the best pricing possible for a wedding. You can also have a general pricing already prepared based on your previous works. 
  8. Writing blogs: Blogging nowadays plays a vital role in getting your name out there. People write and read blogs every now and then. So, you can follow that as well. A well written blog can give you a lot of reach. And there are so many popular platforms for writing blogs. You can also advertise those blogs on your social media pages to get more reach. 


So, these were the strategies you can follow for your wedding business growth. But you will need to be consistent with your quality. Also, you will need to be perseverant with your approaches. Don’t rush into things and ruin the quality. Take your time in every step that’s the best way you can get success in your business. Because a wedding business depends on the reach you get and that needs time. 

Author: Kelly Bird – International Communication Manager

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Cover photo: By Natasha Fernandez from Pexels

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