Discovering the Happiness in Your Every Day Routine

By: Brittnee Fehr

Many of our lives have become monotonous. Some of us wake up each morning feeling trapped, like we have somehow become a slave to the system. How do we break free from such devastating and negative thought patterns? Discovering and embracing a mindfulness practice that works for you, is key to achieving a healthy mindset.

Mindfulness doesn’t necessarily mean developing yourself spiritually or adopting a certain religion even, instead, being mindful can be anything from being aware of your thought patterns and choosing what you decide to focus your energy on each day. Most of all, mindfulness teaches us to be grateful for the little things in life.

As you open your sleepy eyes to a brand-new day, begin by tuning into your five senses. Become acutely aware of the environment surrounding you. What in your current setting brings you joy? List five things that you can smell, see, hear, taste and touch that put a smile on your face. Whether it’s the smell of fresh, brewing coffee, or the delightful sound of your children’s laughter echoing throughout your home, noticing and truly appreciating the small things that have become a part of your routine that make you happy, will make a huge difference in how you feel every day and also, how you view the world around you.

You may start to feel lighter, like you have a clear head space with a fresh perspective on life, and you may even become friendlier and more accepting and open towards others. As you view everything through your senses, you begin to develop an appreciation and a sense of gratitude for life’s smallest blessings. This helps us realize that our lives don’t have to be extravagant or grand in order to be joyful. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most pleasurable. After all, the greatest gift that you can give this world is an attitude of gratitude for every single breath that gently caresses your soft lips, slowly falling into your lungs, giving life to every cell and entire being.

Turning inward towards our five senses also helps us remain in the present moment. All too often, we are replaying past experiences in our mind, thinking about how we could have done things better. In contrast, a lot of us are thinking too far into our future, ultimately, creating anxiety and worry over scenarios that don’t even exist yet. Living in the present moment allows our minds to relax. A calm mind, not only helps you to see everything as richer and purer, but it helps to bring your entire human vessel to a peaceful, restful state.

Another step that you can take on your journey to discovering the beauty around you each and every day, is training yourself to get up to watch the sun rise every morning or to be present at sunset each night. Learning to slow down in this fast-paced world and bask in the beauty of nature, will not only help you appreciate the present moment but also see the world around you through a new lens. Nature has the ability to fill up our souls if we are feeling disconnected or lost, as it connects us back to ourselves through high vibrational earth energy. The earths frequency has the ability to help us heal by re-charging the energy centres within our body that have become blocked or stagnant over time.

If you are excited to take the steps towards finding everlasting happiness, do something for someone else today. Be the light. Most of us recognize and agree that giving to others is far better than receiving. Call somebody you care about. Surprise a family member with a huge hug. Donate extra clothes or food to your local homeless shelter. Purchase a coffee for a random stranger. We are all being called now to help raise the frequency of the planet and to also help others who are currently struggling to raise their own vibration at this time.

Every human, plant and living being on earth is made of vibrational energy. Certain interactions with our environment, the emotions that we feel and the thoughts that we embody and the activities that we engage in on a daily basis directly affect our auric field. Certain behaviors such as expressing love and gratitude towards ourselves and others, eating healthy foods, exercising and partaking in a self-care routine, all help to raise our overall vibration.

On the contrary, destructive habits such as doing drugs, living in a constant state of fear and anger, lower our vibration and shrink our aura. Today I challenge you to rise up and raise your vibes. Make it your goal to genuinely connect with another human being. Really connect with their soul. Hold another, embracing them tightly in your arms, kiss the soft hairs erupting with new life on your babies’ precious head. Smile your most beautiful smile at a complete stranger and wait to feel infinite love return to you. There is nothing more important than human connection. Share your love.

The take-away here is, the light (within each and every one of us) is far greater and much more powerful than the devastation, fear and loss that appears to be taking over our world it seems, particularly, the mainstream and social media by storm. 2020 is a year that will go down in the history books, as it has started off with a bang, changing humanity forever. From earthquakes, to floods, to large catastrophic wildfires and now a pandemic, it has definitely been a year of global change.

Individually, each and every one of us is shifting internally as well. We are learning to shed destructive thought patterns, negative personality traits and life experiences, including certain toxic situations, as well as, people who no longer serve our highest good. Since so much is changing internally and externally around us, now is the time to take a moment and breathe. Think of all the things you are grateful for. By giving thanks for everything you’ve been blessed with in this life, feeling the thankfulness in your heart and entire cellular being, this vibrational frequency of gratitude changes the energy field around you. Your aura expands when you resonate in this state. Being thankful on a daily basis and truly meaning it attracts so much goodness into your life. Miracles happen at this higher frequency.

Now that the weather is warmer, and as the grass starts to turn a vibrant and invigorating green, you can utilize mother nature to improve your current situation and to help your soul come alive. Ground yourself to mother earth by taking off your shoes and standing barefoot in the soft, cool grass. Imagine, every fear and negative thought in your over-worked, over-thinking mind, falling away from your body and push all of the negative beliefs back into the earth where it disintegrates. Next, with your eyes gently closed, picture pure, white, bright universal healing light enter into every cell and muscle of your tired body, bringing you back to life, awakening your soul and reminding you to breathe. Follow the natural rhythm and pattern of the air moving into your body and out. Clear your mind, create a blank state of nothingness. There are no thoughts or emotions here, simply, just feel the rise and fall of your chest. A grounding meditation practice as straightforward as this example, not only relaxes your mind, body and spirit, but it also boosts your endorphin levels, raises your consciousness and increases your overall happiness.

As the illusion of chaos around you, increases in our busy world, whatever you do, do not give in to the despair, loss of hope and the prevalent doom and gloom that silently creeps into your energy field. You are of the light. Do not allow your beautiful soul to slip into the darkness for too long. After all, your earthly body vibrates so much peace, love, gratitude and compassion. Always remember that with a quick shift in mindset, ultimate happiness is within your reach.

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