Four Unexpected Ways Decluttering Will Uplevel Your Life By Practically Minimal

It turns out there’s more to decluttering than meets the eye. You might think of clearing clutter as “spring cleaning,” “tidying up,” or “getting organized,” but it’s so much more than any of that. Decluttering comes with some pretty awesome—and often unexpected—benefits. Here are four ways decluttering your home will uplevel your life.

1. You’ll Be Less Stressed

Clutter has a negative effect on our wellbeing—there’s no doubt about that. 

Like, let’s say you had an awesome day at work or out with friends and you come home in a great mood. You walk in your front door and see papers all over the kitchen counter, dirty dishes piled in the sink, and dusty photos and knicknacks all over the living room. 

How do you feel now? Probably annoyed, frustrated, overwhelmed or even stressed out, amirite? You can kiss your great mood goodbye.

Now, what if you walked in the door to clear counter space, clean dishes stacked in your cabinets, and simple, beautiful home decor that you love? You feel happy, calm, peaceful, content and, if you feel any stress at all, it sure as heck isn’t coming from your living space. 

2. You’ll Have More Time

One of the most common challenges people feel they have when it comes to decluttering is finding the time to do it. But, this is totally ironic because clearing clutter will actually SAVE you time in the long run. 

Think about it. How much time do you spend searching for your car keys or the TV remote only to find them under a big ‘ol pile of clutter? 

Experts estimate the average person spends an hour a day looking for lost items. So, that’s seven hours a week, 30 hours a month and more than two weeks a year! What would you do with that kind of extra time?

And, let’s remember that this doesn’t even count the time you spend shopping for stuff, cleaning stuff, moving stuff, repairing stuff, and on and on and on. Yikes.

3. You’ll Have More Money

No really. Often we hold onto things because we’ve spent money on them and feel wasteful if we let them go. But, that’s just your guilt speaking. Remember, you’ve already spent the money and you’re not getting it back, so it’s okay to let go of things you don’t need.

When you have too much stuff, things get lost in the shuffle. When your home is filled with clutter, it’s tough to keep track of what you’ve actually got on-hand and what you’re out of. And you know what that means—you end up buying stuff you don’t need. Such a money waster! 

Plus after you put in the hard work of clearing clutter from your home, you’ll likely be a helluva lot more intentional about what you bring into your house. Not wanting to buy as much stuff is bound to put some extra money in your jeans. 

4. You’ll Have More Room For What You Want in Your Life

And we’re not talking about physical space here (although your home probably will feel more roomy after a good decluttering sesh). 

What we mean is, when you aren’t spending your energy, time and money on stuff, you’ll have more energy, time and money (more room) to do all the things that are actually important to you in your life. 

So, what would you do with more energy, more time and more money? It’s time to make some plans, roll up those sleeves and start letting go of everything you don’t need in your home (and your life). Happy decluttering!

Author Bio: About Shawna

After one too many battles with her overstuffed closet, Shawna started to believe that less may actually be more. Today she’s dedicated to keeping only what’s essential—in her cabinets AND on her calendar. 

Shawna’s journey to finally cut the clutter from her life led her to create Practically Minimal, a blog and online coaching biz that helps women declutter and uncommit to make more room for what makes them happy.

IG & FB: @practicallyminimal

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