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Corinne Rogan’s LA-DA Tour Coming to you in August

You ran for Ms. Senior California 2019 and made a revelation. Share your experience. 

Yes, I made a revelation for & about TBI Survivors. I am proud to be a 2019 Finalist for Ms. Senior California of America. My realization set me free. It was my platform and the reason I competed. Here’s MY “Cinderella Story”

After touring the East Coast, and sharing a bit of wisdom for TBI SURVIVORS, I knew I had to add another component.

We Seniors, who are Head Injury Survivors have another issue to deal with after accepting family & friend abandonment. “YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN, FOREVER.”   

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You have embarked on a new initiative, “On the road of single seniors when pandemic 2020 subsides.” Why is this so important to you? 

After the quarantine of COVID-19, Pandemic 2020, I will be back on the road for TBI Survivors. This time covering the west coast and North to Vancouver. I love meeting people. I realized my message of acceptance & forgiveness was clear to other survivors. I FINALLY recognized, though, The MAJOR component that was missing IS, I have been Ditched.My siblings have removed me from their lives. It’s SO WRONG and SO COMMON. In an attempt for reunity, I asked in an identical letter to all adult relatives for forgiveness for whatever I did. That didn’t work. Hence…

Tell us about LA-DA. 

LA-DA stands for Live Alone, Die Alone.

“LA-DA” Was developed because I will need to know how to take care of myself by myself. All my life I was convinced my family was MY ROCK. Even though my College was in Denver, & I retired in the Mountain States, whenever I visited it was a happy time for me, like a “hallmark card”. Then things changed, TURNS OUT, I’m SO wrong and it’s SO typical. I don’t know my relatives-nieces, nephews at all. I blame it on gossip, groupthink. SHAME ON THEM.  

How are you a champion for single seniors? 

Single Seniors. As my pageant message develops confidence in SURVIVORS, we must lovingly care for ourselves for the rest of our lives. It’s for people who are alone and the different steps you’ll need to take to the grave.

Is your compassion for others rooted in your childhood? 

As a child, I was raised with my grandparents nearby & among my 4 brothers & 2 sisters. The sisters came later, once I started school. In my youth, I learned a kinder “Survival of the Fittest” mode. Often being the underdog, I embrace those people. My compassion is rooted in the goodness I try to share. This in particular is so important, especially because they are decisions about your end of life decisions. Sure is lonesome.

As you move forward on your initiatives in 2020, what do you want people to know about Corinne Rogan? 

I’m convinced that LA-DA will help Single Seniors make those important end of life decisions. It can be so hard. My circumstance Is ALL I think about. I want to help people like me.

Do you have any additional thoughts? 

Yes, So many great things have been happening in the Actor Community during PANDEMIC 2020. I’m Jazzed to get started to look to the Future. 

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