My Reality, Isn’t Necessarily Your Reality – Which Arena Are You Playing In?

By: Brittnee Fehr

There is no doubt that we exist in a quantum field, and that the external isn’t the only thing unraveling at this moment in time. In fact, it is true that even though we are all living in the same world, our perception of it will be uniquely different depending on which state of consciousness we are choosing to view reality with. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but other dimensions or realms do exist in this universe. Some of us have experienced this through dreams, during meditation, deja vu or even during astral travel. There is so much more to our world than what meets the eye.

Not only do we have different dimensions in the universe, we also have different dimensional states of consciousness. These dimensions available to us are known as the 3D, 4D and 5D. These are not actual places but are states of consciousness that can be tapped into with a shift in mindset, and the expansion of ones’ consciousness.

The majority of the people on the earth plane at this moment in time are living in the 3D, but with the recent worldly events, such as the pandemic during 2020, many people are starting to shift into the 4D. As we move onwards and upwards into the last half of 2020, more and more humans will start to experience a combination of all three playing fields. Most people are moving back and forth across all of these states of consciousness, depending on where they are at in their personal soul growth, which takes place during the span of their life here on planet earth.

It is true that the human beings who are experiencing life from a 3D state are going to be living a completely different reality than somebody who is perceiving life from a 5D state. This is why this topic is an important one to discuss, as the world around us is drastically shifting.

The following is a quick breakdown of the three different states of consciousness, to help you better understand where you are at in your own personal soul expansion during this life time.

3D consciousness is viewing yourself as a separate individual from other people and you see the world around you as a purely physical state. Within this state, life seems like it is almost like a game to be played and can best be described as survival of the fittest. You are living in fight or flight mode and you constantly feel the need to impress everyone around you by the way you look, the clothes you wear, the job title that you have and the car and home that you own. You live the majority of your time in fear mode and you are obedient to the current social systems. Ultimate fulfillment in the 3D is achieved by making money and your social status. You understand that there is a huge divide within society, the rich and the poor, everything is either black or white, good or bad and the playing field is a life of competition. Within in this field, you believe that you have no control or power over your reality and that the way in which you navigate life is purely coincidence.

Since the 3D state is most commonly navigated by relying on your five senses, there typically is very little, to no desire to want to look at your life from a deeper point of view. Everything in this reality is played at a surface level. As you go about your daily routine and chores, wearing your mask or a specific identity of what you want friends and family to see, you are highly concerned about the image that you portray to others, rather than digging deep within your soul and recognizing that there is much more to you and your soul growth than just your physical body. Of course, there is much joy and happiness in this realm, especially through materialistic means, however, deeper emotions such as pain are much more difficult to manage, as you don’t see the bigger picture of life and the ultimate meaning of your existence.

Living within 4D, is known as the transitory state that bridges souls between the 3D, moving into the 5D. In the 4D realm, you start to discover that everyone on earth is connected and that there is way more to our world than what we can experience with just our five senses. This state of being is extremely exciting as you travel back and forth between 5d and then quickly back into the density of the 3D, you begin to see your life journey as a true miracle or a gift.

Your thoughts are extremely powerful within this state and you start to realize that the supremacy of your own thoughts shape your reality. Duality such as good and bad, still exist in this playing field, but with the expansion of your mind, there is much more compassion and understanding behind your thought process and the actions you take as you navigate life.

Within the 4D, you open up to soul expansion by realizing the importance of diet, meditation and leading a healthy lifestyle. What you put into your human vessel or body (including your thought patterns) becomes extremely important to you and you start to see yourself and everyone around you as living, breathing energy fields, vibrating at different frequencies, that you interact with each day.

You even begin to notice and understand how your own actions and words affect the environment and people around you. You become selective of your words, as they hold so much power in your environment. You fully comprehend that the words you speak create a ripple effect in your life. Positive mantras create a happy and loving world, while negative speech such as gossip, attract lower vibrational humans and experiences towards you.

Another magnificent part of entering into 4D or the gateway state, is that you start to discover your life purpose. You begin to walk to the beat of your own drum and as you find your true passions, you attract people who are also of a higher vibrational frequency, who fully and whole-heartedly support your growth, instead of trying to compete against you out of jealousy.

Within this realm, you shed your ego-self and start to heal your entire body. Old past traumas resurface and you begin shadow work, healing yourself from the inside out. Shadow work and self-healing is an extremely painful journey, as you will feel intense physical and emotional hurt, grief, pain and sadness at times. As your shed your old-self, including the old belief-systems and paradigms found within the 3D, this is all required in order to make way for the brand-new and improved you.

In 4D, you also realize that life is meant to be enjoyed to its fullest and that you are so very deserving of having and living the life of your dreams. There is no need to put on a mask within this state, as you are consciously choosing to unplug from the 3D matrix, you become pure and unapologetically your true, authentic-self.

One of the most thrilling parts of the 4D state of consciousness, is that since you start to see glimpses of your higher-self and your true-life potential, (including your biggest goals and dreams), your six sense of intuition starts to expand along with your ever-changing consciousness. The magic of the universe starts to take flight within the 4D and you become witness to synchronicities and miracles all around you.

You are constantly hungry to keep growing, expanding, learning and evolving into a higher states of consciousness and you are also resonating at a much higher vibrational frequency than what you have previously experienced within the 3D. Of course, you will constantly be moving back and forth between the 4D, back into the 3D but you will begin to notice the subtle shifts, as the 3D feels much denser and almost fake compared to the 4D. In the 4D, some of you may even feel like you are a viewer watching a movie of your life play out around you, however, you recognize that you are fully in control of your destiny.

Last but not least, the 5D consciousness is a state of mind in which you come to the conclusion that we are all one and that we are all connected. All humans, no matter what your race, color, ethnicity, gender may be, we all come from the same source. You start to see pieces of yourself in other people and in everyone that you interact with on a daily basis. You realize that other people are on the exact same journey that you are on, and you understand that they are simply experiencing a different stage of the voyage than you.

Life within the 5D state becomes a grand adventure of growth on so many different levels. Mental, emotional and spiritual development are fully embraced. There is a higher purpose for everything at play here and every single experience holds significant meaning along your life path. Within the 5D, feelings of love and unity, including connectedness to other humans, animals, nature, the planet and even other galaxies are extremely strong. So strong in fact, that you feel like you could burst with the powerful vibrational frequency of love and bliss that is felt within your body during this state of consciousness. Love, understanding and compassion are in abundance here, and there is lack of judgement, hate and jealousy.

In the 5D, everyone is considered equal to you, after all, we are all cut from the same cloth. You begin to live from a place of pure authenticity and you walk your talk. Your words match your actions, and also match the type of pure energy that you radiate. At this stage in consciousness, you understand that life is all about speaking your truth, embracing self-love and you find yourself constantly seeking meaningful, deep soul connections and conversations. You only seek joy.

You realize that there is no competition here and that through soul growth, expansion and focused effort, there is enough abundance for everyone in this world. Overwhelming emotions such as love and compassion for life, flood over you, as the world around you looks and feels completely different then the 3D and 4D. You are correct about this, as you are no longer viewing life through the same foggy lens.

It is important to note that so many things are in front of us in this moment in time but they exist in a higher dimension, so most people aren’t able to see them with their physical eyes. If you learn how to successfully raise your vibration for hours or days at a time, you will notice that you are viewing the world with a whole new set of eyes. Colors might look brighter and more vivid, you will notice the entire range of colors within the light spectrum, you might be able to see different colored orbs in the sky, including specific cloud formations and unique phenomena all around you, that you haven’t noticed until now. All in all, you start to see things beyond the veil, as it starts to thin, the higher you go in your consciousness journey.

One of the greatest parts of experiencing 5D consciousness, is the power of your own intuition. In fact, it becomes so overwhelmingly strong, that it acts as your guide, as you navigate the beautiful sea of life. As your intuition grows and you develop your gifts (some people will experience the activation of their psychic gifts), you start to feel connected to angelic beings, as they resonate at these higher frequencies. Most people cannot feel these beings at lower states of consciousness, as they haven’t yet learned to raise their vibration, in order to interact with them.

Within the 5D, you have stepped into your sovereign power and you understand that your life is a mission. You are clear about your intentions and begin to reach out to help others, as you are confident that your chosen life path will lead you to a life of complete abundance, as you know that the universe will always have your back.

In conclusion, it is important to note that these different states of consciousness aren’t better or worse than the other. Think of the realms like the unique grades within school. Every soul chooses to walk within a different state of consciousness that they decide to live from, depending on the lessons they are wanting to learn within this life time. It is so important to hold space and a non-judgmental attitude towards others as they navigate each state at their own pace.

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