Take Off Your Mask, It’s Time to Speak your Truth

By: Brittnee Fehr

Remember a time when you could say what’s on your mind and feel like you were genuinely being heard? Recall your childhood, practicing cartwheels wherever, whenever? Spinning around in circles, not even phased by your dizzy mind. Acting silly, screaming at the top of your lungs, just to hear how loud your voice could get. Singing and dancing to your own beat, bravely climbing the branches of an old oak tree, knowing that you could simply trust in the sturdiness of its deep roots, running barefoot through the yard, showing up to dinner with bruised knees and covered in dirt? Carefree, ALIVE. This inner child still very much remains inside of each and every one of us and cries out for your attention, especially now as our earth is in a transitional state. Everything and everybody is shifting, growing and transitioning. Part of this massive universal change is acknowledging and accepting our inner child. Let her come out to play.

During adulthood, we are often afraid to speak our truth, take off our mask and dress-up clothes to show the world who we really are, because a lot of people have a deep-rooted fear of rejection. As a child, however, you surely remember that you were unapologetically you and no one questioned your freedom. It is apparent more than ever now, that with the splitting of the two earths currently, you can vividly see and deeply feel when people are envious of your inner freedom, especially, if you’ve personally begun to transition, evolve and speak your truth. You will notice this specifically when you announce your success and personal growth, watch to see how others react. It’s like an elephant in the room. When you start to step into your personal power and remember your inner strength, many people (especially the ones you have the closest and most loving relationships with) may view you as a threat. Simply put, they may feel threatened because they recognize that they aren’t doing the inner shadow work. In fact, they may feel stuck or lost in their own life.

As more and more people wake up to the illusions and paradigms cast upon us in our current reality, it will become inherently obvious to you when someone is hating on you or trying to discourage you from walking in your freedom. I am here to encourage you to keep walking anyway. These people are, where you once were, a place that you’ve evolved from. Many people have a lot of unconscious programming to sift through and heal from, just like you have.

Hold space for those who become resistant to you and who don’t seem to understand you during this turbulent period in time. Recognize that you are at different stages in the healing journey and despite your differences, learn to love them anyway. When I talk about holding space for someone, I mean recognize where they are at in their own life journey and simply, let them be. As you know from your own experience, it’s a road that they must walk alone, and they will venture down that path towards personal freedom when they are ready to do so. Remember that when somebody projects self-hatred and their own limitations onto you, it is because deep down, they aren’t free within themselves. They haven’t returned to their inner child yet.

Start to live in your full expression, despite what people think of you. Be proud or who you are, what you are becoming and realize that it is safe to make mistakes and be imperfect as you grow and expand. Most of all, learn to trust the process of becoming and find complete acceptance for everything that you are experiencing. It is true that during this powerful and life-altering process, that we never lose our demons, we only learn to rise above them. With your grand awakening and rising, accept all of you and be at peace in your skin. Your inner child will thank you endlessly for your return to your inherent state.

As the world harmonizes into one and humanity is being liberated to make that return back to the child that we once were, don’t deprive yourself of your own freedoms because somebody isn’t accepting of who you are. Instead, during this transition phase of humanity, surround yourself with people who are truthful, have integrity, and who are open and honest with their feelings and actions. Most of all, look for the humans that encourage you to be the best version of you.

After so many decades of humanity being pegged against each other, forcing us to believe that we are separate, it is time to come together and realize that even though we may express ourselves differently from one another, we are all cut from the same cloth. After all, the whole point of our life is learning to fully love ourselves, and ultimately, unification, as we walk each other home. We are one.

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