What Energetic Mark Are You Leaving on The World?

By: Brittnee Fehr

Everything is energy. In fact, we are all living, breathing, moving energy. Surrounding each and every one of us is an energy field. This field is the vibration of the frequency we are holding within our bodies, emanating out of our bodies, about a foot and a half around us. Some people have strong energy fields or auras, and others who are in poor health physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually have a weaker aura. As we walk around each day, we are constantly bumping into other humans, animals, trees, insects etc. energetic fields.

Once you start to perceive yourself as an energetic being navigating this world, you begin to see yourself as a spiritual organism untouched by time and space. Since we are very much unrestricted to our apparent physical body, all of the barriers within you that may be holding you back from truly living, will begin to dissipate. In order to experience your true authentic self in this limitless form, I recommend developing a strong meditation practice in order to go deep within, to get to know yourself better. We are all bursting with buried treasure hidden deep inside of ourselves, this pure gold is waiting to be dug up. In fact, the more you study energy, you will realize that your depth is so much more than what meets the eye.

Simply put, if your state of mind is positive, you will vibrate at a very high and fast frequency. However, if you are unhappy, anxious, fearful or depressed you vibrate at a very low and slow rate.

Understanding that we are all made of pure energy is important knowledge because collectively as the human race, how we vibrate creates the reality around us. Essentially, we create our reality because whatever vibration we give off, whether it is positive or negative, the universe will resonate. This type of knowledge is extremely powerful because it is proof that you are the creator of your destiny. The state of the world as we currently know it, is a result of the collective human consciousness.

Violence, hatred, scarcity, conflict are all found within the world because they are found within each and every one of us. The chaos that we are currently witnessing is a direct result of a global collective purge. Old world paradigms are starting to crumble and will cease to exist because trauma, and karma from this life time and past lives are surfacing and finally being cleared collectively.

Amidst the madness, we are also witnessing something very beautiful emerge from all of this darkness. We are experiencing kindness, expansion, growth, forgiveness, love and most of all change! We are moving towards a new earth, which is a higher state of collective consciousness. This energetic awakening that is occurring on our planet today, is helping each and every one of us realize that unconditional love and forgiveness etc. is our natural state of being, before society corrupted us. As we begin to return to our natural roots, we start to move towards a future where everyone can prosper.

It is important to comprehend, that you as an individual can contribute to the shifting of the planet at this time. For many of us, we have been aiding the collective through the major purging and changes of 2020, thus far. Countless individuals have gone through the massive internal shifts prior to this year’s main events and they continue to do so, as internal growth is an on-going process. Certain human beings have been preparing for these substantial worldly events and are calmly and excitedly cheering everyone on from the side lines, as they watch and help guide everyone as they start to grow, expand and transform. You see, the thousands upon thousands of humans who have started shifting their vibrational frequencies before the collective, have already had countless dark nights of the soul and they understand that even though the process is painful, difficult and unforgiving at times, it is also necessary, in order to allow for new earth to flourish and grow.

There are many ways that you can raise your own vibration, which will expand your aura. Activities that improve your overall health, contribute to creating ones’ energy expansion. These activities include eating high vibrational foods (whole foods found in nature), walking, running, dancing, singing, spending time outside (connecting to the earth) and constantly moving your physical body in order to get your lymphatic system moving. Your lymphatic system helps to clear toxins from your body. Our bodies are currently clearing a lot of pollutants that no longer serve our new vessels, therefore, keeping hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of clean water per day is extremely beneficial during this time.

The way you speak to yourself and how you communicate to others also affects your energy field. Positive, uplifting words and thoughts create a strong and abundant aura. Words of praise and encouragement when interacting with others also improves your own energy field. The higher you vibrate, the more light energy you allow to enter your human vessel and the more your consciousness grows. You will not only improve your personal well-being by raising your vibration, but as each individual transforms their thoughts, mind, body and spirit, this will create a ripple effect that will drastically change our world forever.

On the contrary, activities that may contribute to a lower, weaker vibration are drinking alcohol, doing drugs, eating large amounts of processed/fake foods, not moving your physical vessel, being suspicious of other people’s intentions (cannot trust easily), an inability to forgive others, having a victim mindset, gossiping, as well as, constant negative self-talk and living in fear. Also, included in producing a lower aura is inadequate rest for your body and mind, and not effectively learning how to disconnect from our current reality, in order to go within to self-reflect and build on self-worth and most of all, self-love.

Remember that the world is not against you because you get what you put out energetically. If you embody an “I am abundant in all areas of my life” mindset, you will attract joy, love and endless abundance will be within your reach. Change your energy, and you will not only revolutionize your life but the entire planet.

All of this discussion regarding energy, although fascinating, can be overwhelming for some, as it encourages us to thoroughly develop our minds, in order to see the bigger picture. If you are skeptical, all of this information is strongly backed up by science. Quantum theory states that what we perceive as our physical world, is really not physical at all. In fact, solid matter does not exist in the universe, according to this theory. All particles in our world are vibrations of energy. Even items that we consider to be solid are actually made up of 99.99% space. Quantum theory is a field of study that everyone should learn about not only to better understand our own auras but our entire universe.

As the world around us begins to transform, go within yourself and listen to your heart. Some of us are being called to speak up, while others sit back watching, waiting and anchoring the light. It is a slow transition, as the collective shifts, and as each individual continues to raise their own vibration.

One by one, truths are being revealed and each person’s consciousness expands. Some people are well aware of what is currently taking place, as they see the larger scenario at play, while others may feel confused, fearful and even angry with the countless events that have taken our world by storm recently. Wherever you stand, know and understand that everything is going to be okay. All of this is necessary in order to create a brand-new earth, one that is sustainable and free from old paradigms that weigh down the human mind. Everything is collapsing in order to let in more light. We are all individually stepping into our own power, our birth right.

All in all, many dream and even advocate for a better world, yet few realize that true manifestation begins deep within your own soul. Your thoughts, actions and mental chatter all directly affect the universe. Always remember that authentic worldly change begins with you.

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