Discovering Past Lives Can Change the Way You Parent

By: Brittnee Fehr

Do we have past lives? My personal belief and experience surrounding this topic is absolutely yes, we do. Recognizing that our children enter into this world, holding onto deep rooted memories and experiences from past lives, that help shape who they are and contribute towards their unique quirks and personality traits, is a very important realization in this day in age.

Acquiring this knowledge about ourselves and our children is key to finding balance in one’s family unit and raising happy, well-rounded and successful children. Neglecting (or simply not believing or even being aware) that your child holds relevant information within their soul from their (many) past lives, serves them a huge injustice, (and you may also find it difficult to raise and understand them) because you are not seeing the depth of their being and the multifacetedness that they embody.

There is well documented evidence that has been mounting for decades, that a person’s current lifetime isn’t a one and done situation. But rather the soul returns over and over again in different bodies in order to learn and grow through karmic lessons.

In fact, we have all had a turn experiencing different ethnicities, races, genders, socio-economic classes. Perhaps you are personally drawn to certain cultures but you don’t really know why? Ask anyone who knows me well, I am as German and Polish as they come. Tall and blonde are my external traits, but internally, I have parts of me that strongly resonate with the African-American culture and I embody and love the beauty of those roots.

Every one returns to earth as a school to both teach and learn, it is not just the “old souls” among us that do this. Different cultures intrigue us because at some point in time or another we had a chance to experience a certain way of living, acting, eating, dancing, speaking, and all of this is stored within our cells. The cells of our body, right down to our DNA hold onto experiences and memories, both good and bad. This is why talk therapy does not always work on trauma patients, as trauma is stored energetically in the body (and needs to eventually be released in order to heal) and not in the mind.

It’s more than likely that you have known your child in a past life or in many of them. Perhaps you are members of the same soul family, which means you could have had a different relation to one another. For example, you may have been brother and sister or daughter and father. With reincarnations among your soul group, the configurations change each life time but you still remain involved and heavily present in each other’s lives. Maybe members of your current family unit all lived together in ancient Rome, or in the mountains of Montana during a different era and even in another continent then you currently reside in.

More than likely, you’ve noticed something intriguing about your own child, sometimes having you wonder out loud, “where the heck did that, behavior, interest, habit or trait come from?” What exactly does reincarnation mean for you as a parent? Diving a little deeper into this, maybe your son or daughter was born with a special ability to play the piano or they have picked up on foreign language extremely quickly at a very young age because it comes naturally to them.

For example, my toddler has been obsessed and intrigued by the Canadian flag from the early age of four months. He constantly wants us to sing the Canadian national anthem to him (every night before he falls asleep) and he is infatuated with maple leafs, the colors red and white, and anything Canadian related. I believe that perhaps he was a soldier in a past life or heavily involved in the army, as he is extremely patriotic by nature, without my husband or I ever pushing the idea on him. This is prime evidence of how memories can carry over into this life time from others.

I have had the chance to hear some interesting stories from parents, mentioning surprising things that their children often say that make them question how their children know certain information that has never been exposed to them. As another example, at the age of five-years-old, a boy would express to his mom that he really misses being with Grandpa George, even though the grandfather had passed away fifteen years before the child was even born. Therefore, the mom is left wondering how could her son remember and talk about a relationship that never existed on the current earth plane? Nevertheless, these happenings aren’t so strange once you dive a little deeper into the study of past lives.

All of this information may sound extremely absurd to some of you, however, it is important to note that there is ground-breaking research happening now, conducted at top Universities throughout the world, extensively studying the topic of past lives.

A Yale trained psychiatrist, Dr. Weiss, who is now a leader in the field of past life regression therapy, was once a full-blown skeptic concerning this subject matter. After working with a client back in the seventies, who discussed with him their traumatic past lives, Weiss discovered that there was a direct correlation between the past life trauma and how his client was greatly affected by those encounters in their current reality (nightmares and anxiety attacks). The entire experience changed his mindset, and his career shifted from being a traditionally trained psychiatrist, towards a more meaningful phase of his career, ultimately, helping to heal others by diving into their history.

A powerful realization in my own life, was an inner knowing that you absolutely do not have to be a highly educated or trained professional in order to discover and learn about your own past lives. From my own experience in this field of study, you just need to express a willingness to learn, while persistently trying to access your own records. The key to success here, is allowing your mind to expand organically, while learning to completely let go of self-limiting beliefs that can hold you back. Self-limiting beliefs actually block relevant information from coming to the surface.

I personally have had the opportunity to train myself how to do past life regression (on myself), in order to witness many of my past lives in order to help myself better understand why I have certain personality traits and fears in this life and especially why I am the way I am. This entire past life discovery is extremely empowering, especially if you have interest in trying to figure out yourself and others, including your children. I recommend it to anyone who Is looking to grow, transform and become the best version of themselves.

Past life therapy is a fascinating field of study. It can be hugely helpful in unlocking mysterious problems within your children and also helping them through health and emotional struggles, especially when nothing else seems to be working or you can’t quite find the root cause or issue. We often carry injuries and hurts into future lifetimes, especially if we have died a violent death. In most cases, the healing has to happen on a deep soul level.

Please be aware that you may not get the exact answers that you require to help your children heal, however, an understanding of past lives will make you more open minded and compassionate around your family. Most of all, it can be immensely helpful to understand that the complexities of your kids’ lives cannot always be attributed to things that have happened in this incarnation.

Maybe for example, your own daughters reoccurring nightmares have to do with a violent death that she has memory of from a past life hundreds of years ago, or perhaps the reason that your son is immensely afraid of heights, is that he was running from danger in a past life and had to jump off of a high cliff into dangerous rocks below, in order to escape his traumatic situation.

If you find yourself truly intrigued with this subject, it is a definite sign from the universe that you should explore it more in depth, in order to fully benefit from it. Perhaps you find that there are many parts of yourself that seem mysterious even to you and you finally realize that there is so much that needs to be brought to light.

Lastly, one of the biggest reasons to explore past life issues is karma. Lessons that you have not fully learned, including issues that you have not healed in a past life will carry over into this one and if they are not dealt with currently in this life, they will carry into the next.

In conclusion, there are many c.d.’s out there, including free audios on YouTube that can help teach you how to do past life therapy on yourself, and with a lot of practice and determination, on others as well. You can search past life therapy, past life regression, Akashic Records (the record of your soul’s journey), or you can contact a past life regression therapist in your local area. They can help you trace your issues back through lifetimes.

Sometimes putting in the effort and doing the work on yourself through discovering your own records, will in turn offer insight into issues related to your children. All in all, it can be extremely eye-opening and healing in unexpected ways.

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