Anne DeSantis – Guest Interview

Anne DeSantis- Actress and Host of The Positive Side on RVNTV,” a show all about goodness and positivity. 

Share your background. 

I’m a 55-year old wife and mom. 

I home-schooled my two daughters from Pre-school through High School. A teacher by trade, I had a profound “God-moment” when my oldest was born that I should stay home with my kids, even though my work was just about one of the most important things in my life before having a family.

At age 34, unfortunately, I was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and that experience shaped the next 20 years and more of my life when I realized the brevity of our time on Earth. 

Fortunately though, after receiving a special sacrament of the Church called “The Sacrament of the Sick” I was healed of the condition! It changed my whole perspective on life.

Since the condition brought me face to face with my own mortality, I will always look at that time as a pivotal point in my life journey. What I realized in the greatest way is how important faith in God and following his ways is to our lives. The healing also made me understand in a greater way God’s love for me and for all people.

It was at this point in time that I decided to home-school my kids and as it turned out I home-schooled from pre-K to 12 for both of my daughters. 

I spent so many wonderful years with them learning together and they are now in their early 20’s and doing great.

That time period is very special to my life of being home with my kids, but God brought me on another journey leading to other great things as I am now 55 and grateful for life.

Time went on and I was introduced to the idea of getting involved in modeling/acting. I have been in the field since 2014 at the age of 49.

You are a 40+ model. Tell us about what it is like to model at 40. What do you enjoy most? 

Actually, I’m now a 55+ model, and what I enjoy most is the idea of staying active at my age and having so much enthusiasm about life! 

My husband Angelo and I have been married for over 30 years and we are now “empty nesters” (in some ways) with kids now in their 20’s.  

What I love most about what I do is the variety.  

Tell us about your background. 

I’m the Director of a Catholic non-profit called the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation. We help families affected by divorce by offering prayerful accompaniment during challenging times. I love it. Although we are a Catholic foundation, our outreach is to anyone seeking support during challenging times. We have many helpful resources on our website, so feel free to reach out with any questions at or 215-870-9913. We are headquartered in Philadelphia. We also offer retreats and talks to churches and other venues.

One of our initiatives is on-line support groups, so learn more on our website. Our social media is “Philly Nonnatus” and “St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation”. We hope to connect with you.

Learn more about us at  

In addition to my primary work, I am a Model/Actress in the Greater Philadelphia area. One day a week I am the host of “The Positive Side on RVNTV” a show all about goodness and positivity. It airs on Monday nights and Friday afternoons.

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What do you enjoy most about acting? 

What I enjoy most about acting is being a TV show host. I have done work in commercials and acting, but being a talk show host is amazing and I look forward to each week to my new guests and displaying the wonderful work they’re doing.

How important is “Giving Back” to you? 

Giving back is so important to me because God has given us ALL. The least we can do is to help others in some small way and give back.

My husband and I are active members of an organization called “Fiorenza’s Food for Friends” a non-profit feeding the hungry in over 42 states. Learn more at

The pro-life cause is very important to us.  

Protecting and praying for the sanctity of life from conception until natural death is a cause we all need to be aware of. Learn more at This is a wonderful organization right in my own area that has many fantastic resources. Learn about the importance of a “life” mentality and the ways the organization can help expectant mothers to “choose life” on their website. They are partnered with a variety of national organizations helping to educate and promote a culture of life in our society and the world.

You are the TV host for “The Positive Side on RVNTV.” Who do you interview? What is the purpose of the show? 

“The Positive Side on RVNTV” is a show all about “the good things people are doing”. Located in Cherry Hill, NJ I interview many non-profits, businesses, artists, actors, models, authors, and generally all-around wonderful people. The show airs on Monday evenings at 8:30 and 9 p.m. and also on Fridays at 12:30 and 1 p.m. EST. Watch the show at at these times. We also have an on-demand site to watch past episodes at

If you or someone you know would like to be a guest email We also offer SKYPE interviews.

The purpose of the show is to showcase their good work and for me to ask the right questions so my guests can tell their own stories.   

In this day and age, I think we ALL need goodness and positivity.

Can you share a few memorable guests? 

I have hosted over 100 awesome guests since 2018. I have many wonderful memories so I won’t go through all the many names but to say that each of them has a fantastic story of positivity and hope. 

My guests continue to inspire me to learn, grow, and continue to live the best life I can.

Please check out my YouTube pages at Anne DeSantis and also The Positive Side on RVNTV.

What are your goals for 2020? 

I make no qualms about stating that my faith is the most important thing in my life when it comes to goals. I have learned that life is a gift so I let my days led by him.

I am a Catholic Christian and I love going to Mass and praying for both my family’s intentions and everyone I know. My daily prayers help me to hear his voice for direction.

I believe that life is short on Earth but that eternity starts right now as we accept who we are in the eye’s of God.  

I am a Master of Theology student with St. Joseph’s College of Maine On-Line Program. I graduate this year in December with my MA in Pastoral Theology.

I am possibly thinking of going on for my doctorate upon completion with Pontifical University through St. Joseph’s since I have loved the studies so much. (Not sure yet, but I’m letting God lead on this one.)

The personal goal is to learn more in order to help more people through the knowledge and wisdom gained.

My goals for 2020 are God’s goals whether for the foundation, for my family, for the TV show or other areas of my life. 

God is good and He is “my boss”, so I continue to strive after what his will for me is each day. I can only hope that at the end of the journey on Earth I would have fulfilled his mission for me. Following his command to love and serve are my greatest goals.

Please reach out to me at my website at to connect and/or to send me a prayer request. I value new connections and friends, so keep me in mind God bless!

Interview and write up courtesy of: Jules Lavallee


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