Luz Maria Utrera – Guest Interview

Luz Maria Utrera- Actress and Founder of “The Luz Maria Foundation,” Helping women of domestic violence. 

  1. You started out as a Lawyer. How did this lead you to act?

Yes, I have a degree in law in Buenos Aires and work also a lawyer in Argentina. I always love acting since I was a kid but I come from a family that almost all are lawyers and my friends were also. 

2. How important is “Giving Back” to you? 

It is very important after I went through domestic violence and While I was overcoming PTSD and healing I created Luz Maria Foundation you can see more about it at 

3. Share your experience in modeling and film. When did you get your first break in film? 

I started modeling when I was a child since my mother used to have a children’s clothing store. At seventeen, I starred in the first car commercial and I was selected as a Beauty Queen Miss Modelo in the city where I am from that is Santiago del Estero. After I got a Degree in Law, I traveled to Los Angeles to study at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute and I have been featured in TV and film projects. The first break, I can say that was in a theater play where I played The Florist the name Was La verbena de San Antonio La Leandras and it was in the Bilingual Foundation of the Arts and at the Los Angeles Theater Center. 

What is it about acting that moves you? 

I love that you play as much role as you can and you lose registration about everything. I mean you are completely in the character that you have to play.

Are you interested in particular genres or roles? 

I love autobiographical because it shows the life of the character. For genres I like drama and action films.

Why did you decide to launch the Luz Maria Foundation? Tell us about it. 

Luz Maria Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness, promote public events to advocate for women facing domestic violence, and assist victims through outreach programs and protective shelters. Luz Maria Foundation aims to be a source of awareness and education on domestic violence experienced by women and children worldwide. Through our work with the United Nations, the New York Mayor office, and several other organizations targeting domestic violence, Luz Maria Foundation is dedicated to establishing a strongly rooted outlet for women affected by domestic violence and utilizing our platforms to educate people worldwide on the dangers and effects on women and children on the spectrum of domestic violence.

The Foundation has held the honored position of promoting and advocating for the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda2030 by hosting global speaking engagements around the world as a partner of the SDG Action Campaign through My Word Survey. Luz María Foundation continues to attend on-going events globally, promoting and supporting the SDGs. To get involved and play a needed role in furthering the cause of the Sustainable Development Goals please participate in the survey below:

What are some of the challenges that you see with women?

That we need to be more in a position of decision making and break gender stereotypes.   

You were chosen from 5000 applicants around the world to advocate for women’s empowerment and promote #BreaktheGlass and #HerStory campaign. Share your experience.

It was an amazing experience sharing with other champions around the world and promote the campaigns #breaktheglass and #herstory campaign for economic empowerment through online and offline activities like seminar, panel table, conference and speaking engagement etc…  

What are your goals for 2020? 

To keep growing and learning in all aspects of my life. To keep traveling the world. As you know the foundation will host a panel in Japan as a part of the United Nations Congress. I have been traveling as a United Nations observer and delegate. As an Actor keep training and be in as many movies as I can. 

Interview and write up courtesy of: Jules Lavallee

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