Charlotte Xia – Guest Interview

You were born in Beijing, China. When did you decide you wanted to be an Actress? 

I remember always enjoy watching the Chinese TV series when I was in elementary school. My dad always bought me a lot of Series DVD’s, then I started to imitate some of their characters at home. I began to like acting and I dreamed of being seen on TV one day. The first person who inspired me to act is my father because he gave everything he had to support me, but unfortunately, he passed away from cancer about two months ago, I believe my dad is watching me from heaven.

What genres interest you? What roles are you looking for in 2020? 

I like romantic comedies. Also, if I had the chance, I’d like to play a role like Wonder Woman.

Describe your acting style. What will a Director notice first about you? 

I have a great sense of humor, I would say that I’m a Comedian. Everyone from Casting Directors, Directors, Filmmakers, and also Audiences, have all said I’m funny. 

I’m very unique. Every time I auditioned for even the smallest part, the casting director would say I was special and had a beautiful smile.

Tell us about your impressive background in the Arts. How do your gifts translate into your acting?

Besides the acting, I’m also a model, country singer, artist, fashion designer, painter, photographer, and golfer. I think movies began to combine musical, broadway, arts or fashion..etc. For example: ‘The Greatest Showman’, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘What to watch’ or ‘The Squeeze’, I think the more talent you have, the better you can be in a movie.

You played a Naval Officer in Top Gun: Maverick. Tell us about the experience. 

I really enjoyed, I’d like to say that Tom Cruise is a wonderful, attractive and professional Actor. I deeply felt and learned that a good Actor would quickly get into his role, instead of just reciting his lines.

Share your experience as an International Model. 

I never thought I’d be a model until Barbizon modeling and acting school found me because I thought I wasn’t tall enough, it turned out I was wrong. A lot of petite Models in the fashion industry too. Although I have only experienced two years of training as a professional Model, I am confident enough to be a professional Model. I’ve modeled for fashion shows and participated in beauty pageants, I really enjoy my career as a Model, it makes me happier than being an Actress. 

When was your first break? 

In 2017, I was in I Love You, America as a Union Featured Role. I had no speaking lines, but I got my first SAG-AFTRA Voucher, also I had three close-up shots. It was an important step at the beginning of my acting career.

Tell us about the TV Show, “Swedish Dicks.”

It was a Union Featured Role and I also had no speaking lines, but I got my second SAG-AFTRA Voucher too. I also learned a lot from Keanu Reeves. He is a nice guy and a great Actor. Also, Vivian Bang, she was very sweet and friendly. We had some conversations during the break. I think every experience lengthens my acting ability. 

Share your upcoming projects in 2020. 

I am booked for a few small Featured films, such as: ‘The Countess’, ‘Tomb’ and ‘Imperium’, I’m also going to play a Guest Services Agent in ‘Toll House Horrors’ and play Maori Native 1 in ‘Octoroon’. I choose these small roles because I wanted to improve my acting skills, I hope that through continuous learning, I can book better roles and have the opportunities to cooperate with some great Hollywood directors and producers.

Interview and write up courtesy of: Jules Lavallee

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