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Meet the inspiring sisters behind Bhavana Bottle!

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My sister and I spent the last 2.5 years living on a small island in the gulf of Thailand with the initial intention of focusing on our personal healing journeys. Kelly was battling emotional burnout after years of working in a high stress corporate job and was feeling depleted with an inner knowing that there had to be something more to life. Patty had a heart attack (at 28 years old) and was seeking some peace and tranquility so she could unwind and focus on healing her heart naturally. As we traveled down our own healing paths, we were simultaneously drawn to find a way to bring healing to our beautiful planet. 

While living on this island, the ocean was our backyard. We experienced firsthand the destructive impact single-use plastic is having on our waters and eco-systems. We found ourselves picking up bags of trash, mainly plastic, as it continually washed ashore day after day. With an inspired vision to transform our sadness and anger into creative passion and be part of the solution, we created Bhavana Bottle. Our goal was to create beautifully designed bottles that are multi-purpose and replace single use plastic cups for the island we lived on.  

Simultaneously, we were listening to the audio book, “Hidden Messages in Water” by Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese Scientist and Water Researcher, whose work evidenced that our words, thoughts, and intentions have a direct impact on our physical reality.  He did a number of experiments with water and found that the words LOVE and GRATITUDE changed the molecular structure of the water into beautiful symmetrical structures, simply by taping these words to the outside of the glass. We were inspired by the findings and felt we wanted to share this by incorporating the highest vibrational words and symbols into the designs for Bhavana Bottle. Our hope was that our bottles serve as a simple reminder to drink in LOVING and GRATEFUL thoughts with every sip. 

Bhavana Bottle was a success in reducing single-use plastic bottles on the island. We returned to the USA and have worked hard to scale our business to over 150+ retail locations and have contributed $2,500 to support amazing organizations working to protecting and preserving our beautiful planet. This is only the beginning. It is our mission to find and create a sustainable solution that can provide clean drinking water to everyone one the planet and eliminate the need for plastic water bottles all together. Bhavana Bottle is the first step in the right direction. Here is short video that further explains our mission.

Any advice for other women who are just starting their entrepreneurial journey?

Starting any new business is a challenging and rewarding adventure that will open up to so much growth and rich experiences along the way. Challenges and times of hardship are bound to arise throughout the life of any business, and frequently do in our own, but it is how we choose to approach these situations that make or break us.

To help you navigate through the hard times, we came up with three key insights that we feel would be helpful to women starting on their entrepreneurial journey.

  1. We found that coming back to the “WHY” you are doing something on a daily basis helps  to never lose touch with the bigger vision when problems arise. When we consciously connect back with the inspired vision behind why we do what you do every day, this driving force becomes bigger than any problem that stands in our way. Growing pains and opportunities will always arise along our path as entrepreneurs and we have fully accepted that. At this point we have formed a “nothing is going to stop us” state of mind which continually helps to shift our perspective from problem to solution. 
  1. When a perceived “problem” presents itself it is usually an invitation to take a deeper look at something. Instead of getting mad and frustrated when roadblocks present themselves, we can choose to be creative and curious instead. Being a business owner automatically puts you in the role of being a creative problem solver as well as many other hats. This may at times require us to surrender attachment to a specific outcome, make a pivot or take a look at something from a different perspective. These are the moments and opportunities that offer us the most room for growth if we can learn to approach them openly and never be afraid to ask for help. 
  1. Step into discomfort with courage. It is easy to talk yourself out of doing something because you assume the answer will be NO. But when we do this, we are projecting into a false future and blocking ourselves from a potential growth opportunity. Instead, we try to continually ask the hard questions, even if they are uncomfortable. On the other side of our own doubt, discomfort and fear lies the door to our greatness and radical transformation if we are brave enough to face it and take the leap. Next time you are faced with a moment or experience that gives you the choice to remain in your comfort zone or step out and shine your light even if it is uncomfortable or even terrifying – DO IT!!! Each day brings new opportunities to grow, and choose courage over comfort and you will never know the result unless you try.

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