These David’s Tea Flavors are AMAZING!!!

Have you been bitten by the David’s Tea bug? Fall is in full swing and these are our seasonal favorites!!

Hydration & Glow

organic cinnamon rooibos chai

Organic rooibos tea and cinnamon are a powerhouse combination. According to aromatherapy principles, cinnamon enhances your ability to concentrate. Plus it has a clean and refreshing taste your breath will thank you for. And rooibos is super hydrating and bursting with vitamins and minerals. Your new favourite caffeine-free chai also contains sweet apple. Delicious.

What makes it great

  • Cinnamon is an even better breath-freshener than mint!
  • Cinnamon is great for concentration… making this an excellent caffeine-free option for a late night movie or cram sesh.
  • Craving a chai before bedtime? One sip is all it takes to satisfy your craving.

lemon cayenne cleanse

With tart lemon and a hint of cayenne pepper, this detoxifying white tea blend is the master of all cleansing teas. It’s got a bright citrusy kick that’ll leave you feeling fresh, revitalized and ready to seize the day. Plus a subtle warmth and spiciness to get your senses tingling. We love to sip it first thing in the morning – especially after a wild night of overindulging.

What makes it great

  • We took two of the most popular detoxifying ingredients and turned them into the master of all cleansing teas.
  • With its cayenne pepper heat, this blend is a great way to boost metabolism.

Pitaya power

Kickstart your morning beauty ritual with this glow-making white tea blend. Inspired by nourishing smoothie bowls, it’s overflowing with vibrant pitaya (aka dragonfruit), kiwi, mango and the goodness of hemp seeds. The result? A fruity, tart and delicately creamy iced tea that’ll have you looking and feeling absolutely fabulous all day long.

What makes it great

  • This beauty of a blend is made with Bai Mu Dan white tea, pitaya and hemp – three ingredients known for their skin-loving benefits.
  • The perfect caffeinated iced tea to jumpstart your morning.
  • Steeps a lovely deep pink colour.

Detox & Digestion

carrot cupcake

This decadently creamy rooibos blend tastes just like your favourite carrot dessert. You’ll love its natural carrot sweetness and the extra zing of warmth from cinnamon and ginger. Plus it’s caffeine and calorie-free, so you can sip it all day every day. With rich cocoa shells and the delicious flavour of whipped cream, this is one dessert tea that’ll have you coming back for seconds.

peachy clean

Need a post-meal cleanse? Give your digestive system a break with this mouthwatering blend of white pu’erh, ginger and peach. With metabolism-boosting pu’erh tea, bloat-busting ginger and detoxifying dandelion root, it’s a fruity and spicy kickstarter that’ll leave you feeling ready for anything. Work that peach body.

Cold & Defense

organic rose chai

This fragrant caffeine-free chai will have you dreaming of roses, spice and everything nice. It combines digestion-friendly ingredients like cinnamon, fennel and clove, with a pop of complexion-loving turmeric and a sprinkling of rose petals. Spicy and floral, this organic herbal chai is a delicious addition to your beauty ritual.

What makes it great

  • This herbal chai is organic and caffeine-free!
  • Packed with digestion-friendly spices your tummy will love: cinnamon, clove, fennel, cardamom and licorice root.
  • We sprinkled in radiance-boosting turmeric and soothing rose petals – two beautifying ingredients prized for their skin-loving benefits.

This tea is exclusively available online.

organic saigon chai

This organic Assam black tea with Saigon cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and pink peppercorns is on another level of delicious. In the 19s, Saigon cinnamon was one of the finest spices on the market. But then came the Vietnam War, and exports ground to a halt. Now it’s comeback time. Try this dark, sweet perfection as a spicy iced tea, Viet-style, with sweetened condensed milk.

What makes it great

  • In India, “chai” just means “tea” and “masala” means “spiced” – so the real name for a spiced tea is a “masala chai.”
  • Potent Saigon Cinnamon has the most cinnamon oil of any spice.

cool eucalyptus

Cold season got you down? This energizing green tea will get you through the day. With sinus-clearing spearmint, eucalyptus, schizandra and juniper berries, you’ll be feeling better in no time. Even breathing in its wintergreen aroma might do the trick. And thanks to the light boost of caffeine from the green tea, it’ll be the most delicious daytime cold relief in your cupboard.

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