The 5 Skills for a Management Assistant

What skills are employers looking for exactly when they recruit support staff? 

What are the requirements to be an indispensable management assistant? Many skills are crucial to deliver exceptional performance and build strong relationships with the managers you support. This article explains 5 skills that employers attach importance to when recruiting management assistants. For more information you can check at it will help you to gain some ideas about being a management assistant.

1. Be a strong communicator

As a management assistant, you come into contact with people at different levels within the organization. Strong language and communication skills – both oral and written. “After all, you have to be able to conduct an open dialogue with your manager so that you can perform your tasks as well as possible and quickly deliver results. When an assistant does not do what is expected of him/her, it can jeopardize the trust put in. 

2. Show that you are a real organizer

As a management assistant, you must have excellent organizational skills, stay calm when under pressure and be multitasking. Besides, you will also have to be able to perform your duties with an eye for detail, be flexible and set priorities efficiently as urgent tasks often crop up unexpectedly. “If you cannot perform a task immediately, send a short email to report that you have received the message and let your manager know that this is your next priority,”.

3. Work hard and proactive

Employers are not only looking for hard and proactive workers but also people who feel at home in a challenging and demanding work environment. Strive to become your manager’s right hand. Your goal is to be indispensable. Small things can also help keep your boss happy. For example, if you know that your manager likes to use a certain color pen, make sure you add these pens to your order for office supplies. Always think of ways to further develop your skills. Your manager will undoubtedly notice your enthusiasm and reward you for your efforts through a pay raise or promotion at the appropriate time. “The best administrative professionals not only provide support,

4. Become an IT expert

To be successful, you must be familiar with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. Knowing how to organize virtual meetings, create micro scripts and be able to edit documents as an expert gives you a step ahead of other assistants. If you need a refresher on your skills, or if you would like to learn new things, you can always follow free courses online. Don’t forget to mention all these skills when you prepare your CV.

5. Take the right attitude

“The right attitude is vital. After all, employers are looking for a friendly and positive employees who are willing to give themselves completely. When a director has a meeting at 10 am, the management assistant must ensure that she has all the necessary information available by 9 am. That kind of proactive thinking is needed daily. Management assistants must also be flexible: when certain tasks have to be completed, they must be prepared to stay longer. Those who want to be successful must take into account that it is not always a 9-5 job ”.

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