A Keto Way of Life

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With summer rapidly approaching, many of us find ourselves checking out the best healthy foods or meal plans to make us feel stronger, better, and ready to fully take advantage of the new season.

It’s also a good time to evaluate our less-than-stellar eating and lifestyle choices–even if we’re not committing to a specific diet. In any case, it is the time for a positive, oft-needed change. While there are benefits to many different diets out there, finding the one that works for you is a highly individualized choice that should be made along with the support of a healthcare professional or a registered dietician.

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But if you’ve found yourself limiting your carb intake and focusing on consuming more high-fat and protein foods, you may be following a keto-friendly, low-carb diet.

What is Keto?

The keto diet’s underlying philosophy is based on the understanding that this nutritional breakdown–and restricted carb intake–can help your body reach a state of ketosis. Once that happens, your body relies on ketones in the liver, not glucose, to burn fat for energy. And, of course, this, compounded with an active lifestyle and reduced caloric intake, can help you lose the pounds you want.   

If a low-carb diet is your approach to feeling your best this summer, then finding the right, keto-friendly supplementation is key. KetoBrain Energy from Pure Encapsulations just may be your ideal pick to help you reach your body goals without compromising your dietary requirements.

KetoBrain Energy Powder

What we love about KetoBrain Energy is that in addition to weight management* support, it offers a whole lot of other benefits like the following:

– Athletic endurance**

– Muscle health and comfort**

– Brain health support**

Furthermore, its patented blend of ketogenic mineral compounds offers 10 g of beta-hydroxybutyrate (a type of ketone) per serving to boost your goals even further.

The KetoBrain Energy powder is great for mixing in your favorite drinks, and it comes in a delicious strawberry-lemonade flavor. What a great way to stay refreshed this summer!

And on top of it all, of course, here are the other things you’ll love that you’ve come to expect from Pure Encapsulations: the formula’s ingredients are vegan, hypoallergenic, and gluten-free. So stir it into your favorite beverage or drink it with water, and bottoms up to celebrate the summer of you accomplishing your goals!

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*Provides weight management support as part of a healthy lifestyle with a reduced calorie diet and regular exercise.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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