Child care: The right business for you?

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Whether you are looking to begin a home-based, or centre-based child care facility, there is likely a rewarding opportunity to provide care to children of any age! Every family’s child care needs are unique and, based on their schedules or circumstances, they may consider one of many different types of child care, such as a:

Child care Centre: A child care centre is a licenced child care facility equipped to care for infants and toddlers, as well as pre-school and school aged children. They typically care for larger groups of children, with more than one child care provider. Being licenced by the provincial or territorial government means that the centre will be regulated and inspected.

Registered or Unregistered Home based Child care: Home based child care is available in licensed or unlicensed settings. There is usually a singular child care provider, and limits on the number of children in care. One benefit of home based child care facilities is that they allow for small group sizes.

Nannies: Child care providers can be hired to work directly for a family, in the convenience of their own home. In addition to providing child care, nannies can also provide assistance with meal preparation and light housework. Nannies offer the benefit of flexibility to families with unique child care needs.

Before and After-school care programs: Before and after-school care is child care provided for children around the regular school day. Some schools offer these programs, but not all — which creates an opportunity for private child care practices to provide child care to this demographic of school aged children.

Daycare cooperatives: A cooperative preschool is organized by a group of families who hire a trained teacher to provide their children with preschool education and child care. The preschool is administered and maintained by the parents. Each family shares in the business operation of the school, thus making it a cooperative venture. One benefit of a daycare cooperative is that parents can occasionally assist the professional teachers in the classroom and may participate in the children’s educational programming.

If you are looking to start a child care business, there may be an opportunity for you to launch one of these child care types in your area.

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There are many aspects to consider when deciding to open a child care business. Some considerations could be:

  • What hours will I be open each day?
  • Will I close for holidays?
  • How will I handle illnesses, in my clients or for myself?

Explore our Employment standards page for help with these questions.

  • Will I offer specialty services, such as care for special needs children?
  • What are the regulations around providing child care in my area?
  • What permits and licences will I need in my area?

This child care start up checklist can help you navigate the planning and launch of your child care business.

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