Women in Business – Love and Dating

If a woman has a glowing business and experiences loads of successes, can this make it difficult for her to find love and secure a partner?

 The entire universe is now aware, that the world of women is rapidly changing. There are millions of women worldwide with a vast array of business talents. However, it’s remains a fact that no matter how successful a woman’s business or career can be she needs love, dating and marriage. She still needs to bond emotionally with one special person. Someone that’ll satisfy her sexual cravings, shower her with unending love and make her consistently feel feminine.  

The question comes again, 

If a woman is successful in business, does this make her chances of getting a suitable mate slim? Or does it even make it impossible for her to get a suitable partner? Is this true? This article will explore various recommendations for women in business and their love and Dating life. 

Note; some women are doing excellently fine both in business and in Love & Dating. However, many successful business women finds this challenging. Why?

Control factor;

 Research has shown that many men want to be the leader. This has always been their intrinsic ideology of what a man should be. With this in mind, they’ll find it difficult to allow a woman boss them around. Many men don’t want the pressure of meeting up with the social and financial demands of a successful woman in business. Therefore, when they are in a quest for love or dating, they’ll often prefer a woman that is less challenging. This might just be a feeling of insecurity though it remains a valid point for several men.

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Can you still remember John Gray’s point in the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”? 

OK, I’ll remind you. He said; a fully empowered woman in the business world may find it difficult to keep her feminine attributes. To be outstanding in the workplace a woman needs a lot of masculine qualities such as independence, Emotional stability, self reliance, and human resource management. Believe me, outside the walls of a business environment many of these qualities are nightmares for romance. In fact, John Gray regarded them as romance killers.  

It’s an instinct, men want to be needed. A man wants to feel valued in the dating game. A man wants a woman to be naturally happy and even happier with his presence. All these contradicts what makes a woman successful in business. 

What experts recommend 

  • A woman in business needs to make conscious effort to keep her feminine attributes.
  • As a woman, you need to keep yourself abreast with the part of you that is looking to have someone special.
  •  You also need to learn to take what a man has to give though you can provide it all for yourself.
  • Vulnerability is attractive to men, men wants to feel they are protecting their woman. Remember not to feel insecure for being vulnerable or emotional.

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It is not only Love and Dating that has been a challenge for business women; marriage is sometimes a challenge as well. Virtually everything these women do or touch becomes diamond except their love life. Basically, a woman in business needs to identify the thin line between business and romance. Always remember, your outlook towards business should differ from your idea of what love, dating and marriage should be.  


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