Mental Health struggles for millennials

In your late twenties or thirties? Have you been facing depression, anxiety, and other such issues? Yes? You aren’t alone. You are the part of millennials who has been prone to a lot of sociological changes that have resulted in excessive stress on their mental health. Don’t you agree that the psychological factors can be important in determining the mental health of the millennials? Well, you’ll have to believe that. Here are some of the factors that can be considered a reason for stress. Additionally, we are also providing a brief way out to settle each problem. We hope that it would work for you.

Factors affecting mental health in millennial:

The following factors are important in deteriorating mental health of the people who have been born in the late 80s and early 90s:

1.      Technological change:

The generation of millennials has been the first generation that has undergone a massive technological change. From the introduction of computer, internet to social media, this generation has been the first one to incorporate all these things in their life. The new research has proved that including a lot of screen in one’s daily routine can enhance the level of stress and mental problems that a person can be prone to. This is why this generation has been affected by a lot of stress.

In order to manage technological change, the millennials can try to reduce the usage of smartphones and tablets from their lives. This will help in reducing the overall stress level.

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2.      Urge to remain in the limelight:

The increasing social media requires the users to be in the limelight. They like rather they have to post daily to be in the spotlight. This is creating excessive psychological pressure on the minds of these individuals, and they have to deal with it. Similarly, the competitiveness in the social world has increased a lot. Everyone has to do something or think of something to be in the limelight every time.

The solution to this problem is actually psychological. If you are addicted to a social media application, then leaving it without someone’s help might not be possible. So, it is advised that you should visit a clinical psychologist for this purpose. However, in case, the level of addiction is low, you can keep yourself busy in other things, and as a result, you can get out of this habit.

3.      Managing tasks:

The management of tasks is another important thing that is creating pressure on the millennials, ultimately affecting their mental health to a considerable degree. With the presence of gadgets and a lot of pressure to be in the limelight, managing tasks get difficult for them. They always have a to-do list on the mind, but the ultimate result is often zero. It not only piles up their task but also impacts the efficiency and quality of the work done.

Prioritizing tasks can be a helpful way to deal with this problem. Additionally, it would have to be coupled with the lower use of gadgets and social media as they have a lot of distractions, which can actually reduce the efficiency from the performance perspective.

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4.      Monetary Race:

Apart from the technological pressure, the overall burden of being at the top position has also risen to a higher degree over the past few years. Today, people are learning things or studying just to get a top-level position. Most of them, associate tope level position with a lot of money. Thus, the urge to be at the top position at a very early age is pressurizing them and impacting their mental health and fitness.

Although it requires a complete change of mindset in society. But at your level, you can try to acquire skills, which are in demand, but at the same time try that what you learn is for the learning purpose and success would come after you automatically. Using this point as the base, there is a chance that you could be out of the monetary race.


Mental health in millennials is a great concern as most of the world’s population falls under this category. We have discussed various sociological factors playing their role in the stress level of this group of people. However, there can be multiple other factors. Even the individual lives and the narrow macroeconomic factors can also be meaningful in determining the stress level.

So, no final statement can be made regarding the actual elements, but only propositions can be made. We expect you to follow some pieces of advice provided in this article to get out of the stressful situation.

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