How do I create daily habits!

Are you looking to change a few habits of yours? Or is it something healthy that you want to be part of your life? You’ll have to work hard to develop your habits. But the question is, where should you start, right? Yeah, we know it because most of the people are stuck at this stage and never manage to get over it, resulting in struggling to leave a bad habit or incorporate a healthy one in your life. 

In this article, we aim to provide you with ways to help you in dealing with this situation. Here are a few ways that you can adopt:

1.      Eat the elephant bit by bit:

Don’t expect yourself to be a superhuman by wishing to be perfect in something new within days. Sometimes, a habit may take a few months to develop, but that depends on what sort of habit are you trying for. This is why you should not panic and give yourself the due time to adjust to the new routine. Trying it daily and in parts could be very helpful. For example, if you are aiming to increase your daily water intake, then you can start with an additional glass of water for a few days rather than aiming for an increase of 4-5 glasses together from the first day. Hope you get our point.

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2.      Be consistent:

Trying a new activity for one day and then leaving it for the entire week is not going to help in the development of the habit. You’ll have to make sure that you are continuing it regularly without failing. For that purpose, you can set reminders in your mobile phones and ensure that you do that activity. Taking the example of increasing water intake; you can simply divide your total glasses of water and set the alarm after equal intervals so that you’ll be reminded automatically. Gradually, you’ll see that you have developed a habit of having more glasses of water automatically.

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3.      Plan your habit:

If you have just thought that, a particular activity should be a part of your routine and you expect it to get into your daily schedule. We are sorry but changing or incorporating habits is not that simple. In some cases, it might work, but in most cases, you’ll require to plan at least, a bit, to get it properly executed. Just as in the case of water intake, we advised you to set reminders. Similarly, there can be other forms of planning before you can expect the desired results.

4.      Set your goals:

Most importantly, setting your goals is a vital part of developing your daily habits. You should know what your aim is and where you want to be. Goals help in setting up a level of challenge, which could provide the necessary encouragement. Additionally, goals also help you in setting up an ending point for your efforts.

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5.      Research:

Conducting research for highlighting the pros and cons of an activity could also be one of the ways to develop or leaving a particular habit. The research won’t be able to motivate or demotivate you from a particular thing by discussing the academic references, but you’ll also be able to find the positives or negatives from people. This will make it easier for you to give the new activity space in your daily routine.

6.      Involve your friends:

Doing something alone can be a bit boring and monotonous, so you can actually involve a few of your friends in developing daily habits. You can set timetables and create a sense of competition between you and your friends, and there are higher chances that you’ll be able to get the desired results.

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7.      Keep yourself motivated:

Last but not the least motivation is the key to success, whether it is for an educational/professional matter or for a personal matter like developing a habit. You must keep on telling yourself what you can get at the end of the day after accomplishing it. It could be anything material or emotional. But you’ll have to find something so that whenever you lose the energy, you’ll be able to get it back by looking up to the reason why you started it.  This will be helpful in establishing a daily habit. 


With just a little effort from your part, you can actually incorporate healthy activities in your daily routine and leave the unhealthy ones. Planning, involving friends, and setting your goals are a few things that you can do to continue to create good daily habits.

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